Trekking in Nainital

Few years earlier I was waiting for my team-mates to come for a game of hockey. When some tourist approached me. His exact words were “What is so special about the town except the lake?” To which I had no answer then. Today I have one. It’s the hills. Trust when I say that you have not tasted the sweet nectar of a hill station until you have gone trekking there. It’s a bit of a break from the sightseeing business and more in the realm of exploring new places. Thankfully trekking in Nainital come in different shape and sizes.You can pick yours.

Some of the day trekking in Nainital that can be done in a day-

    1. Naina Peak, Nainital

Also known as the Cheena Peak which later got corrupted to “China Peak”. The legend has it that the Great Wall Of China was visible from here before the landslide of 1880 in which the flats were created. It’s a two and a half hour leisurely trek from Mallital Riksha Stand. Although a vehicle can reduce your trek by half. We advise you to go all the way on foot to make the most of the experience.

China Peak trek

The Naina peak, on clear days, offers a complete view of Uttarakhand Himalayas. If you are really feeling adventurous you wake up really early and witness sunrise from here. The enthralling view of Naini lake is an experience in itself.

Nainital Trek
PC-Ritnesh Sagar. During New Year Celebrations.

The journey through a dense  forests of rhododendrons, soaring deodars and cypresses,adds to the magic of the trekking in Nainital. You will love every bit of it.

Naina Peak Trek
PC-Amar Dev Singh

There are NO restaurants or water resource up there. The forest guard ,if you are lucky, could serve you with  tea. The Naina Peak trek is very popular among the tourist. You should have no problems reaching the summit on your own.

2. Camels Back, Nainital

Camels back is the underdog of cool places to visit in Nainital. It’s a hump like structure by the virtue of which it gained its name ‘Camels Back’. It’s neck to neck with Naina Peak when it comes to altitude. The feel of both the treks is quite different from one another. It’s a shorter trek which takes about 2 hours from Mallital Rickshaw stand and at a leisurely pace.

Camels Back Trek There trek takes you from lush green forest. The path not clearly laid out. When you will the summit you will be blown away (not literally) by the incredible panorama view of the Himalayas. The partial view of the lake is mesmerizing too. The cherry on the cake is the view towards Kurpatal.

Camel back trek

When I was in Munsyari I was told that one can see Nainital from Khaliya Top and I swear the first place that came in my mind was of Camels Back. You can see a number of uninhabited hills from it that makes you wonder that haven’t we ruined it all.

Nainital, Camels Back, Places to Visit

Again there are NO restaurants or water source up there. Do take some snack along with you. A place for a true explorer .You will probably need a guide for this one. Highly recommended.

3. Cliffs- Cliffs

It is very famous to the local people. Not much to the tourist. Its hardly half a km away from what we call the Tiffin top. A narrow trail goes into the woods which will take you to this place. So to speak its the locals best-kept-secret.

Cliffs Nainital, places to visit in Nainital

A picnic spot where there is ample time & space to read a good book, listen to music, have deep conversation about love and life and not a person to disturb you and your solitude.

Cliffs Nainital, Places to visit, trek

The view from the top is of Hanumangarh & towards Haldwani. Its my advice to start from Tallital near Sherwood Inter College, go to Tiffin top, then come to cliffs, and finally descend from Mallital Horse Stand. Ditch the crowd and come here to witness serenity that the hills have to offer.

Cliffs Nainital, Places to visit,

You can get the snacks from Dorothy Seat. There are no food Joints at Cliffs. Thankfully. The way to Tiffin Top is quite well trodden but for cliffs you might need a little guidance from the locals.

4. Laria Kanta

Its known as Ganja Pahad to the locals. This trekking in Nainital begins at Catholic Church in Mall Road. It’s a steep climb. Going through narrow lanes towards the top.  Directions here are essential as one can easily be lost. It’s just a few kms from the main city  but  you wonder how the pace of life here is dramatically slower.

Laria Khanta, Trek, Places to Visit, Nainital

When you reach Birla Gate you know you are closer to Ganja Pahad.  You are greeted with the Himalayas as soon as you reach the summit. On the next hilltop you can see a radar. It gives a serene view of Bhimtal lake which you can’t help but admire.

Treks, Nainital, Places to Visit
PC- (Gaurav Kukreti)

Very close to Laria Kanta is the Snow View. You can go up there, chill out a bit, and then descend to Mallital rickshaw stand.

5. Alu Khet Trek

Well this one hike that very few even among the locals know about. Another trekking in Nainital begins from one km from Nainital towards Bhowali road.Alukhet Trek, Things to do in Nainital

A well placed field which is also used by the army to train soldiers. When we were young we use to collect bullets from here to make necklaces. If you are lucky you can find some too. Following strings of trail through a dense forest which is home to leopards and  other wild animals before one reaches this masterpiece Allu khet.

Alu Khet, Places to Visit in Nainital

One also gets to admire a different pace of life in villages like Alu Khet. You will be able to get Chai-Nasta here. Recommended for Adventure Enthusiast. Do take some locals along.

Note:  Most of these treks are  tricky. There is always a possibility of one getting lost in an area with no mobile signals. Try getting on with your trek as early as possible to reduce the risks. Don’t assume, Ask! We have a helpline Number which you can call or whatsapp at (9720634443). We can organize the trek for you or give you necessary guidance before you take on these adventures.



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