Nainital Sightseeing

Nainital, a perfect gem popularly called the land of lakes. The sun shining on the emerald green mountains surrounding the lakes; the shimmering with reflection; the reflection dancing upon the waves attract a tourist magically. Once in the fairyland one if offered a promise of top 7 points to see in Nainital.

‘Seven Points of Nainital’ is a fairly new concept. These have been invented by the tourist guides to give you the glimpse of entire Nainital in one go.

Following are the top 7 points that you would like to see in Nainital –

  • Cave Point
  • Lake View Point
  • Himalaya Darshan Point
  • Ghoda Point
  • Lovers Point
  • Suicide Point
  • Khurpatal Point

The cab wala ‘s charge Rs 700 for the entire cab which takes around half a day. You will probably start your Nainital lake tour from Nainital or will be picked from Mall Road.

  1. Cave Point

Cave Garden - Points to see in Nainital
Located at a distance of 2km of steep climb is located Cave garden which is a series of interconnected caves which surely can provide an adrenaline rush to the old and the young alike. The are six type of caves namely Tiger Cave, Panther Cave, Flying Fox Cave, Bat Cave, Porcupine Cave, Monkey Cave and Hyena Cave.

2. Lake View Point

Lake View Point Nainital

The lake view point is perched at a heighte of 2,200m. It provides you a bird view of the mesmerizing Nainital Lake. The Nainital Lake with its graceful willows encircling the emerald mountains.The lake that is the centerpiece, to the wreath of Nainital. It a perfect place to grab a picture two and post in on Facebook. This iconic background of Nainital lake would guarantee you more likes and comments.

3. Himalaya Darshan Point

Himalaya Darshan Point

The Himalaya Darshan Point is locate at a distance if 4km from Nainital on the route to Pangot.  On bright days, it gives you panoramic Himalayan views including the lights of Nanda Devi which was the highest peak of India until Kanchenjunga was absorbed in the country. You will also be able to see the Trishul & Panchachuli peaks via binocular by paying a nominal fee of Rs 20.There are plenty of shops offering maggie and other snacks. A horse and a cowboy hat can be presented if one desires to click a photo.


4. Ghodda Point

Ghodda Stand Nainital

Also known as the Ghodda Stand. One can reach here through a beautiful trek of 4 km through dense forest, or one can opt for a horse ride from the Ghodda Stand.  Dorothy’s seat is the last point of the Horse Ride. The wonderfully serene spot surrounded by Cher, Oak and Deodar trees.You can hire a horse from Bara Pathar, which would take you to some of the points which include Tiffin Top, Cliffs Point, Tigger Point, Land’s End. This ride would cost you Rs 700 per person depending on the season and your bargaining powers.

5. Lovers Point


Lovers Point is located at few steps from the Ghodda Point. It is a point where where one can a steep cliff and the surrounding hills of Nainital. It is a romantic spot specially to be visited in the time of sunset. Lovers Point is the landmark which is frequently visited by couple who come visit to Nainital for their honeymoon.

6. Suicide Point

Sucide Point Nainital

Death may indeed be the final but the love we feel is eternal. Love and Death goes together  in a Nainital. Adjacent to the cliff of lovers point there lies suicide depicting the tragedy of it all. The view from the suicide point is no less magnificent from that of a lovers point. One can feel the glitters looking down from the suicide point.

7. Khurpa Point

Khurpa Point Nainital

The Khurpa Point is the last point of your Nainital Darshan. It is from Khurpa Point that one can stand by and witness the beauty of Khurpatal located at a distance of 11 km from Nainital. The enchanting vistas of the valley surrounding is truly breath taking. The terrace farming which is practised in various parts of the hills is also prevalent here. Khurpatal truly is a secret heaven which is waiting to be explored.

These were the seven points of NainitalYou would also like to read about the best restaurants in Mallroad Nainital,  and we recommend at-least one hike in Nainital.



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