Restaurants in Mall Road Nainital

Let’s take your taste buds on a trip to the Lesser Himalayas, the picturesque Nainital (lake city of India) have a lot of good restaurants that will ensure that great food on your holiday. I am fortunate and experienced enough to witness first-hand the rich culture and traditions of the people of this famous hill station. In this article we have come up with the top 5 restaurants in Mall Road Nainital.

These affectionate and hospitable folks and love good food. In this article we will be restricting our self only to Mall road Nainital. Mall Road is undoubtedly the most happening place in the town; the describe levels are clearly loudest here, and the selfie sticks the highest.

I would like to thank our local food scientist who gave their valuable feedback to us for enriching this best restaurants in Nainital curation.

5 Best Restaurants in Mall Road Nainital –

  1. Embassy

    Embassy Restaurant Nainital

Embassy is located on the mall road itself. Mall road is that of the town where all the buzz happens. You can sip your coffee, embracing the ambiance outside, and get lost in the flavors. Their restaurant is apt for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

The service can take time on busy days, but the food would leave you craving for more which makes it one of the best restaurant in Nainital. The sit-out section is perfect for groups wanting to spend time over drinks and snacks while the inside of the restaurant is best for meals.

2. Sher-e-Punjab

sher-e-punjab Nainital

If you have an appetite for North Indian cuisines? Why am I even asking this? Everybody likes  North Indian food. Then this is the place for you. They serve some of the best cuisines here. Keeping the name of the Punjabi high, this restaurant is located right in the centre of Mall road.

You can enjoy some of the Nainital famous food in Sher-e-Punjab with great view of lake outside. The remembrance of Biryani still brings water to mouth. It might be a tat bit expensive but it will worth it. Not to mention the food, a fine dine restaurant with good quantity and quality.

3. Anapurna Restaurant

Annapurna Resturant Nainital

Anapurna Resturant is the best-kept secret of the localities. The restaurant is positioned in the middle of Mall road just after the library. The restaurant serves the best vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. The Chicken that you will eat here will come in your dreams (in a good way :p).

This is a warm and welcoming place to eat and drink. I loved the beautiful wood pattern on the ceiling, and the place is so comfortable that you can spend hours here relaxing and having fun. It is one of the top restaurant in Nainital to dine with. It is a lovely place for fine dining in Nainital, and the menu is not very expensive.

4. Machan Restaurant

Machan Restaurant Nainital

Probably, Machan is the most famous restaurant in Nainital. The location is very prime, the heart of Mall Road near Methodist Church Mallital. It has got a restaurant which serves delicious food. This place was a whole new experience. Cozy interiors with large windows and comfortable seating makes it best contender to be in the top restaurant in Nainital list.

They have a variety of food items and drinks in their menu. The highlight was mouth watering food. Although it’s on the expensive side, I am sure you will not mind spending at this place. A branch of it Mezban, Machan is located has recently opened in Tallital.

5. Giannis Pure Veg

Giannis Resturant

Giannis is situated very close to the main boating area on the Mall Road in Nainital. We enjoyed the food here. The portions are big, and the food is served promptly and hot. The service is excellent and helpful. They provide good quality food and are quick in service. Please do try the famous Gianni’s ice cream.

Note: Most of these Restaurants in Mall Road Nainital remain close between 4:30- 7:00 PM.



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