Top 25 treks in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand, a state cozily snugged in the lap of the Himalayas is also known as the Devbhoomi or “Adobe of Gods. It has been attracting from centuries people from all over the country in search of sanctity, peace and adventure. The state has a rich mix of flora and fauna which consist of abundant greenery, unique diversity of wildlife, undulating meadows and of course the majestic Himalayas. Out of the 50 highest summits in India, Uttarakhand boasts itself of having 18 of them. The state has much to do in the development area. Most of these gorgeous places can only be reached on foot. Anyone can choose, among these hand-picked treks, which are open to everyone. Through our research, we have collected 25 of the best treks in Uttarakhand-

Categories: Easy, Short and Hard

Easy Treks in Uttarakhand:

Almora-Jageshwar-Binsar Trek:

Distance- 20 km, Duration- 3 days

This trek is a paradise for beginners who are looking for a medium distance trek and for those who want to have ultimate Himalayan experience but do not have the luxury of time. Trek can be done easily in two days.


Trek starts from Binsar Wildlife sanctuary; you get a clear view of the Himalayan snowline. Traversing through forests thick with oak trees, pine, rhododendron and, you go up and down the mountain enjoying some of the gleaming rivulets along the way. Spotting diverse wildlife and flora and fauna make a unique experience.

Deoriatal-Chandrashila trek:-

Distance- 15 km, Duration- 3 day

It is an amazing trek, with complexity level rated as easy to moderate. The trek passes through forests and vast meadows.Rich in flora and fauna, and encompasses a whole paradigm of landscapes, taking you through forests, meadows and snow clad Himalayas.


Start from Ukhimath or may be from Sari village, passes through Deoria Tal (2387 Meters ), Rohni Buggyal, Burjgali and Tungnath to reach the summit of Chandrashila.

Chandrashila is top of the Tungnath and is located at a height of about 4,000 m above sea level. Chandrashila literally means “Moon Rock”.


It is located at a height of 4,000 metres (13,000 ft) above sea level and gives a magnificent view of the Himalayas, especially Chaukhamba, Kedar Peak, Nandadevi, Bandar punch and Trishul peaks.


Distance-13 km, Duration 1 day

This trek was earlier used by the British as the only route to access Mussoorie and British use to take horsebacks or were carried in a palanquin by porters. Local people didn’t get a penny for these services which has an interesting story to it.

Rajpur Musoorie

Today, it makes for a pleasant trek along a winding road.

Nainital– Betalghat trek:-

Distance-47 km, Duration 2 days

Nainital Betalghat is a famous and easiest trek and is ideal for beginners. Through its a three-day trek, starting from Nainital passes through Binayak (2225 meter), then onward to Kunjkharak (2600 meters) trek distance 18 kms. It is a downhill trek and thus is ideal for beginners.

Btalghat Trek

On the next day, while walking up to Betalghat one gets stunning views, about 12 km from Kunjkharak.

Almora-Dunagiri-Kausani Trek:-

Distance-47 km, Duration 3 days

Passing through beautiful terrain of Kausani, which is “Switzerland of India”, the trek from Almora to Kausani through Doonagiri is very famous. It’s a downhill trek

Dunagiri Trek

This trek offers paranomic views of the Kumaon Himalayas, ancient temples, and picnic spots.

Short Treks in Uttarakhand:

Naag Tibba (9915 ft)  Trek:-

Distance-16 km, Duration 3 days

Naag Tibba is a trekkers paradise near Mussoorie also known as Serpent’s Peak. One can start and reach the base of the Nagtibba range by a taxi. It is the perfect weekend trek for one which provides lifetime memories. This one Trek should be in the must do list in spite of his life’s busy schedule.

Nag Tibba Trek

The trek is full of mixed Deodar, and pine forest. These lush green forests are dense and isolated; it is also a heaven for the bird watchers or a nature lover as it host to wide variety of birds and wildlife. The peak provides stunning views of Kedarnath peak in the north, Bandarpoonch peak, Doon valley, Gangotri group of mountains and the snow peaks of Chanabang.

Govind Ghat-Ghangariya-Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Trek:-

Distance-30 km, Duration 3 days

The trek starts from Govind Ghat. Govind Ghat to Ghangriya includes 13 km trek that goes all the way to the side the of river Lakshman Ganga. It takes about 7 hours to reach Ghangriya, which is a one-street village, lined with food joints and a Gurudwara..

Govind Ghati trek

Ghangariya, a small village beside the river that serves as base camp for the trek to the Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib. The famous pilgrimage of Govind Ghat got its name from Guru Govind Singhji who once meditated here. Hemkund Sahib has an attractive lake that stays frozen for almost eight months of the year. The time spent in the peaceful and pristine environment of Hemkund Sahib gives you a real sense of inner peace.

Hemkhund Sahib Trek
Picture Credits-Rajesh Panwar

The trek to Valley of Flower includes a three km climb from Ghangariya. The trek is full of riots and scents of flowers.

Valley of Flowers, Himkund, Uttarakhand, Treks, India

With millions of species of wildflowers such as sediams, saxifrags, , lilies, poppy, calendular, daisies, geranium, zinnia and petunia, the valley also holds many streams that add on to the natural beauty. The colorful valley gives you a unique experience as flower grown seems as a beautiful blanket for the valley.

Joshimath-Auli-Kwari Pass Trek:-

Distance-26 km, Duration 3 days

Joshimath to Auli can only be done during summers, this trek is completely covered in snow during other seasons. Auli provides a stunning view of Nanda Devi and other mountain peaks.Finally, we move on to Kwari Pass, through astonishing bugyals. Kuari Pass is at a moderate altitude of 12,200 feet.

Joshimath - Auli Kawari Pass track

Since the Indian Viceroy Lord Curson had once trekked up to Kwari Pass, the route is known as the Kurson Pass. The exotic camping grounds of Gulling, Chitrakantha & Tali are the key magnetism of this whole trek.

Joshimath-Tapovan-Khulara-Kwari Pass Trek:

Distance-36 km, Duration 3 days

Kuari Pass Trek – A short three-day trek into the Nanda Devi Sanctuary the Kuari Pass trek which gives you sublime views of the Nanda Devi sanctuary. It also hosts  7000m snow-capped peaks that extend into Tibet. The trek starts from Joshimath, Dhak village to Chitra Kantha (3310m).

Tapovan Trek

This trek goes through right at the heart of the Chamoli district, offers views of the eastern peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas. Peaks that are visible from Kwari Pass are Nanda Devi, Dunagiri, Bethartoli and Devarthan. Chitrakantha & Tali are the key attraction of this whole trek

Yamnotri Pass-Ruinsara-Har Ki Doon Trek:-

Distance-132 km, Duration 12 days

The trek starts from Village Taluka (a small hamlet nestled in the laps of nature near Sankri) and passes through thick forests of chestnuts, walnuts, chinars and a variety of conifer trees, with a sparkling riot on the way arrives at the Gangaar village.

Yamnotri Trek

The next 12 km trek take you to Har-ki-dun (means the valley of Lord Krishna), then Debshu Bugyal 14 km, Ruinsara Tal, Bali pass and finally arriving at Yamunotri. This beautiful trek is full of wide variety of Himalayan birds, flowers and magnificent waterfalls.

 Har ki dun trek

The majestic bugyals of Har Ki Dun is presided over by the Swargarohini Peak (6,096 m) {Pandavas are believed to have ascended to heaven from this peak}.

Pindari Glacier Trek:-

Distance-42 km, Duration 8 days
Pindari Glacier is nestled between the snow-capped Nanda Devi and Nandakot in the upper reaches of the Kumaon Himalayas. It falls in the Bageshwar district.

Pindari Glacier Trek

The Pindari Glacier gives one the opportunity over other glaciers to easily enter the glacier at a astonishing height of 3,353 meters above sea level.

Pindari Trek

The majestic trek starts from Loharkhat and takes you through a string of picturesque villages like Dhakuri, Khati, Dwali, Phurkia to reach a zero point. The zero point greets you with the waterfalls hanging over and with the incredible cliffs gives that present to  you amazing vistas.

Kafni-Glacier Trek:-

Distance-44km, Duration 8 days

The Kafni Glacier is situated to the left of the Pindar Valley below the famous Nandakot (6,806) and Nanda Bhanar (6,104) Peak.

Kafni Glacier trek

The village ,Dwali, separates the way to Pindari and Kafni Glaciers. The glacier has its own charm and many find it much more astonishing as compared to Pindari Glacier.

Sunderdunga Glacier Trek:-

Distance-46 km, Duration 9 days

The Sundardunga Valley, which means ‘the Valley of beautiful stones,’ and is situated to the west of Pindar Glacier. It has two grand glaciers Maiktoli and Sukhram. . The major peaks near the glaciers are Tharkot (6100 mts.) Mrigthuni (6856 mts.) and Pwalidwar (6663 mts.).

Sunderdhunga Glacier trek

The trek of Sundardhunga is believed to be much more strenuous than the Pindari and Kafni Glacier treks. The trek includes Loharkhat, Dhakuri, Jaitoli, Khatulia and then ends finally at the Sundhunga Glacier and Sukhram Caves point.

Enduring Treks in Uttarakhand

Panchkedar Trek:-

Distance-121 km, Duration 14 days

The Panchkedar Trek holds a specific relevance both for the pilgrim and for the adventurer. This picturesque trek in Kedar Valley includes all the five shrines which are associated with Lord Shiva.

The Shivlinga of Kedarnath resembles the hump of a bull.

 Panch Kedar trek

Madmaheshwar (situated at the base of Chaukhamba Peak is at an altitude of 3,500 m) is one in the shape that of a navel.

Madleshwar trek
Credits: Indrajeet

Tungnath (situated at an elevation of 3810 m) is the highest temple in World, this is where the arm of Shiva has said to have appeared.

Tungnath Trek

Rudranath represents the face of Shiva.

Rudranath TrekKalpeshwar is situated in the charming valley of Urgam, Shiva here is worshipped in his tangled hair style.

Kalpeshwar trek

Starting from  Rishikesh then Pipalkoti the trek strts from Helang then includes – Urgam – Kalpeshwar – Urgam – Kalgot – Rudranath – Sagar – Mandal – Chopta – Tungnath – Chopta – Jagasu – Gaundhar – Madhmaheshwar – Gaundhar – Jagasu – Guptkashi – Gaurikund – Kedarnath  and then back to Rishikesh.

Gangotri-Gaumukh-Nandanvan-Tapovan Trek:-

Distance- 55 km, Duration 7 days

Tapovan literally means a place for meditation. Gangotri to Tapovan trek offers you a complete package of part pilgrimage and part adventure. It is long a trek along the thunderous stream of Bhagirathi River is a day long trek from Gangotri to Bhojwasa. Deodar and pine surround you, even as ashrams line the banks.

Tapovan trek

Tapovan is the alpine meadow filled with wild flowers. Standing here, it is easy to see why sages chose this spot for extended meditation.

Gangotri-Kalindi-Khal Trek:-

Distance-117 km, Duration 8 days

Connecting the two holy shrines of Gangotri and Badrinath, this trail is for experienced trekkers.

Gangotri Kaldini Trek

Traversing from one glacier to the other to cross the Kalindi Pass, the trek features moraines and snow fields with deep crevasses, fabulous views, high –altitude wildlife and camping by some small glacial lakes.

Dodital-Yamunotri trek:-

Distance-78 km, Duration 6 days

Dodital is a sylvan lake of north Uttarkashi, perched 3,024m above sea level.

Dodital YAMNOTRI Trek

The crystal clear lake and the surrounding dense forests create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility and lake teeming with fish, such as the Himalayan golden trout provides best a good getaway for the anglers, bird watchers, and wildlife lovers.

Darwa Top trek

The next leg of the trek, through Darwa Top, at a height of over 13,000 ft, offers breadth taking views.The starting from Rishikesh the trek passes through Sangam Chatti, Bevra, Dodital, Seema , Sayana Chatti.

Milam Glacier Trek:-

Distance-57 km, Duration 5 days

Munsiyari acts as a base camp of the Milam Glacier trek. The route passes through Lilam, Bogudiar, Rilkot, Martoli, Burfu and Bilju. Stretching across 28 km, the Milam Glacier is the largest and remotest in the Kumaon region and is situated at a height of 3,438 meters.

Millam Glacier Trek

Although 52 peak in this region, the most majestic of them is Trisul. At the snout of the Milam Glacier rises the Gori Ganga River. The Milam Glacier Trek gives a lifetime experience as the trek passes through several solitary hamlets, lush green alpine meadows dotted with wild flowering plants and the evergreen forests is truly magnificent.

Nanda devi east base cap trek

The trailing track to Milam Glacier starts from the month of May to the end of October.

Om Parvat-Adi Kailash Trek:-

Distance-169 km, Duration 15 days

Jolikong (also known as Adi Kailash) is the holy mountain for Hindus in Pithoragarh district. It resembles Mount Kailash in Tibet.

Adi kailash parvat trek

OM Parvat:  It’s a miracle of nature, the shape of valley & peaks forms natural OM. One can see white (Snow) OM on black background. No hypothesis, no assumption, & no imagination are required to visualize OM. OM-The symbol and guide to meditation connecting Man, God and the Universe Chanted at the beginning and finale of all proceedings, extolled in the Upanishads as the best and most effective symbol of God.

OM Parvat Trek

Adi Kailash: The abode of Lord Shiva is popularly known as Adi-Kailash is in the Indian Territory, close to the Indo-Tibetan BorderAs per the mythology Adi-Kailash is worshiped as the abode of Lord Shiva and has been considered the most sacred and revered mountain ranges in the world

Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek:-

Distance-56 km, Duration 5 days

The trek commences at Munsiyari and the route ascends up the Gori Ganga River gorge which separates the Nanda Devi group from the beautiful peaks of the Panchachuli group.

Nanda Devi Base camp trek

The initial parts of the trek lead through the high Himalayan ridges to open up into the vast expanse of the gentler trans-Himalayan region.

Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek

There are quaint Himalayan settlements on the way and villages, like Rilkot and Martoli, has houses that are apparently over 150 years old.

Khatling Trek:-

Distance- 48 km, Duration 5 days

The Khatling Glacier is the point of emergence of River Bhilangna. Lakr Kharak is an open, wide, grassy top which is windy and chilly. The trek from Lake Karak to Dhraani pass is dwindling, full of accents and   descents.
Khatling trek

The Glacier is ringed by snow peaks of the Jogin group ( 6,466m), Spetic Pristwar (6,905m), Barte Kauter (6,579m), Kirti Stambh (6,902m) and Meru. Towards the end, you go over moraines and some treacherous terrain.

Roopkund Trek:-

Distance-117 km, Duration 12 days

Roopkund is also known as the ‘Mystery Lake’, or the ‘Skeletal Lake’, as numerous human skeletons found scattered in and around the lake.

Roopkund trek

Roopkund is a high altitude mountain lake, which lies approximately 5000 meters above sea level, remains frozen almost throughout the year. This beautiful trek is full of surprises and contains snow-caps, meadows, lakes, forests, folklore and much more.

Roopkund Buyal Trek

The Roopkund lake is surrounded by glaciers and snow clad peaks.This trek is also associated with the religious festival “Nanda Devi Raj Jaat Yatra” celebrated once in every 12 years. Thousands of devotees carry the deity on this 280 km trek, and a four horned Ram (born in every 12 years) acts a guide for the devotees.

The trek consists of following places starting from Kathgodam Railway station, Lohajung , Ghaeroli Pata, Bedni Bugyal, Patar Nachauni, Bhagwabhasa and Roopkund.

Gangotri-Bhojkharak-Kedar Tal Trek:-

Distance-18 km, Duration 4 days

Gangotri is one of the holy pilgrimages which attracts a lot of tourists but beyond Gangotri, the place is a heaven for mountaineers. The mountain sides surrounding the valley are densely covered by tall Cider and Pine trees.

Gangotri Trek

The Bhirgupanth peak provides a beautiful backdrop as one makes his way across the meadow, which is used by shepherds to graze their sheep and cattle. The day’s trekking distance, though less, but has its steep stretches at times.

Bhojkartak trek

This steep uphill trek takes you through a gorge with alpine forests of bhojpatra, juniper and deodar. You can enjoy the view of Gangotri town on this route.

Kedartal trek

One gets a mesmerizing reflection of the mountains on the lake which is just breathtaking, and the surrounding peaks make it a real paradise.



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