Nainital Dorthy Seat Places to visit

A 4 km walk west of the lake brings you to Tiffin Top. It is very popular among places to visit in Nainital. Perched at a height of 7520 ft (2290 mt) on top Ayarpatta region. It is also called Dorothy’s seat.

Dorothy’s Seat was built by British Army Officer Col J.P. Kellett in the memory of his wife Dorothy Kellett whom he lost in a tragic plane crash along with his four children. They were buried in the Red Sea in 1936.

Tiffin Top Dorthy Seat Nainital Places to visit

Missing Tiffin Top from your itinerary of Nainital would be a sin. One can reach here through a beautiful trek of 4 km through dense forest, or one can opt for a horse ride from the Ghodda Stand. Dorothy’s seat is the last point of the Horse Ride. The wonderfully serene spot surrounded by Cher, Oak and Deodar trees. Once you reach Tiffin top, you would be greeted by enchanting panoramic view of the Kumaun hills and of course the Naini Lake.


On clearer days you can get a view of the majestic Himalayas, which includes twin peaks of Nanda Devi. The peak has the same name as the Goddess of the region since it too is regarded as another form of Goddess. The west summit is higher while the east summit is called Nanda Devi East. Nanda Devi East also has another name,  one that of a younger sister of Nanda Devi, Goddess Sunanda. It is an excellent spot to get your next DP clicked.

Nainital Places to Visit Tiffin Top

Tiffin Top as the name suggest is a pre-packed lunch but there might be no need for that there are ample of facilities available, where you can get tea, coffee, noodles etc. You might well have a sip or too.

Tiffin Top Food Places to visit i Nainital Hills Maggie

The small ring gets a little crowded in the peak season (April-Mid July) and take proper precaution while trekking in rainy season as the path gets a bit slippery.

Just to add a little glamour quotient for the Bollywood Junkies. About 100m from Dorothy’s seat there lies a ground where Jadoo had landed in “Koi Mil Gaya”. So watch out for aliens.

How to reach Tiffin Top?

There two ways one can reach Tiffin Top:

1) Ones go through right in front of the Sherwood School in Ayarpatta region. In this shot trek, of 2kms, one gets a bird’s eye view of Sherwood (School of Mr. Amitabh Bachan and many other celebrities), Raj Bhavan, Golf Course.

Tiffin Top Nainital Places to visit Hills Kumaun

Don’t forget to take your drinking supplies with you. You can then descend either towards Lands end or take another Nainital Trekking to “Cliffs” and finally descend from Bara Pathar. The total trek then would then be somewhere around 10 km. You can always go back through the same route and make it a trek of just 4 kms.

2) You can hire a horse from Bara Pathar, which would take you to some of the points which include Tiffin Top, Cliffs Point, Tigger Point, Land’s End. This ride would cost you Rs 700 per person depending on the season and your bargaining powers.



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