Things to do in Jim Corbett

Corbett National Park is the oldest National Park of the Country. Apart from a being an adopted home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, the sanctuary has 110 tree species, 580 bird species, 50 mammal species and 25 reptile species. Things to do in Jim Corbett National Park which will make your trip more exciting and adventurous.

Although most people come to the Corbett to get a glimse of the king of the Jungle. The Park has been arranged in different zones due to this. But as it happens with Royalty, they show themselves when they want to, not when you want them to. Don’t get too disheartened through. There are plenty more to do in the Park then just waiting for the darshan.

There are many other activities that are unique to Corbett National Park. These activities ensure that your trip to Corbett is both more enjoyable and rewarding.

Things to do in Jim Corbett National Park-

1. Elephant Safari –

elephant safari corbett

In all the major zones in Corbett National Park you can enjoy the thrills of Elephant ride. These rides are arranged by the authorities in Corbett itself. The elephant safari is much raw than the jeep one. The wildlife is much at peace with the humble giant, the deers don’t change there path, therefore you have a much better chance with connecting to the wild. And if by chance you get have a meeting with a tiger, there could be nothing more rewarding that this. If you are in Corbett you must take a safari.

Fishing in Corbett –

angling in corbett

Fishing is another popular activity in Corbett. The are various rivers like Kosi, Mandal and Kothri in which fishing is allowed. The presence of Mahasheer fish in abundance here  attracts many anglers from around the world. If you are not an avid fisher, you will be provided rod and other equipment on  per day basis. This is one of the best way to relax in the nature.

2. Camping in Corbett:

camping in corebtt

Camping has been coming up as ideal accommodations for Corbett. There is little point living in stone houses in the land of the Corbett. These tents are located in  a completely safe location. But still the ethos of a tent is quite different from a resort. The whole concept of living in the nature and by the nature cannot find a better metaphor.

These in turn are also more sustainable than concrete jungles that is growing around Corbett. Although many resorts also offer camping options to their clients but a camping experience can only be had in a full fledged camp. Also , in real camps they organize activities like cycling, rock climbing, body surfing, village tours etc.

3. Wildlife Photography:

wildlife photography

Ever since the release of 3 idiots, there has been a rising trend of wildlife photography in India. This ideas matches well with Jim Corbett himself who later in his life has become the proponent of shooting the Big Cat with a camera. There are various experienced wildlife photographers in the area who are happy to share their skills and learning in guided workshops.

4. Trekking in Corbett:

Although walking in the park itself is not permitted by the authorities in Corbett National Park. Many of these activities are promoted by camps outside the park. “We have treks from 2 hours to day treks” said the owner of a camp in Pawalgarh. These nature walks are must  and adds a different dimension to the tour itself. If you have a expert local along side and packed lunch. In winters, tempratures sometime go below zero degrees so make sure you have proper layering of clothes , jackets and shoes to accompany in your trek .

5. Birding in Corbett:

himalyan bullbull

Birding is another activity that is famous among nature enthusiast. Birding in Uttarakhand  must be on the check list of every birdwatcher in India. In Corbett National Park itself there are more than 600 birds available. If you are new to the concept of bird watching, you should read our article ‘Why Birding?‘. If you are someone who love spending time in nature. You will eventually fall in love with it. In addition there are a range of birding experts in Corbett which will make your learning a smooth curve.

6. Corbett Tales:

If you are yet to get introduced to Jim Corbett, the writer. You have missed so much of the Corbett experience. You will get plenty of his books here. The anecdotes from our guide at Corbett Museum were even more precious. You have to read about the man , his values, his dreams, his accomplishment and his love for the land he took birth in. India.



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