Things to Do in Jageshwar

If you visit Jageshwar then there are a list of things to do in Jageshwar that you must do to enjoy the most. Visiting and coming back from a place without performing a list of activities that the place offers. Would be just like going to a restaurant and coming back with half stomach empty as only few things were available on the menu card.

The small sacred town of Jageshwar with one of the 12 Jyotirlinga resides at the height of 6,170 ft. The town is blessed with high flora and fauna. Jageshwar lies 3 km off the road which descends from the main road of Chitai.

Dating 9th to 13th century there lies a cluster of small and big temples. These temples are built with the boulders with the magnificent carving on them which adds to their beauty. It is believed that the Shivaling was first worshipped from Jageshwar. To enjoy the most in Jageshwar you should know when is the best time to visit Jageshwar.

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Things to Do in Jageshwar

  • Yoga and Meditation:-

Jageshwar is a serene town amidst heavily dense forest of deodaar. The place is best for the person looking to get close to the nature. The serenity and meditation places in Jageshwar.

jageshwar yog festival

  • Camping:-

Jageshwar being a town which is blessed with the incredible natural beauty is an ideal place for camping. This tranquil region is best for people of every age group. Weather its old who wants peace or a youth who loves nature.

  • Birdwatching:-

Birdwatching is something which cannot be enjoyed from your comfort zone. To see the unseen you need to dig deeper in the wilderness. Jageshwar has the splendid natural beauty with rich flora and fauna which lures various birds round the year. This region is best for the bird watchers where they can find some of the rare species of the bird.

Fairs and Festivals

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  • Jageshwar Monsoon Festival:-

Most of all Jageshwar host a unique festival during the month of “Shravan” from hindu calender. The festival goes from 15th of July and last till 15th of August. It is celebrated in the honor of “Lord Shiva”. This is held in the hill of Dantrai Village. Also it is believed its a great importance to take a dip in the “Bhramakund” or “Jata Ganga” which flows in the premises of the temple.

  • Maha Shivratri Mela:-

Finally Jageshwar Temple comes to life when thousands of devotees visits the temple on the occasion of the “Shivratri”. The mela takes place annually during the spring season, which has the great importance in the Hindu calendar.



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