“What make’s the Nainital lake so special?” asked our Trainer. To which many students replied, “It’s Stunning.” He asked again does everyone here know “Why is it not allowed to boat in the lake after dark?” We had no answers. He gave this theory ‘since the lake is at a high altitude of 1983 m.

The Lunar effect which happens due to gravitational powers of Moon on large water bodies tends to have a similar effect on the Nainital lake as well”. I am yet to confirm that theory. The Nainital Lake with its graceful willows encircling the emerald mountains. The lake that is the centerpiece, to the wreath of Nainital.

It is the first thing that your eyes fall onto as you get off the bus, and you know you have arrived. The superficial area of the lake is 120.5 acres and its parameters is 3560 meters. The water from around the valley comes through various catchment areas and reaches the lake.

Nainital Lake

The two roads which form the circumference of the lake is Mall road and Thandi road. Mall road which is more of an extrovert, among the two, is filled with lights, restaurants, hotels and people.

The thandi road on the other side is, as the name, suggest cold, quiet, reminiscing about the old times. Both of these have a charm of their own. You can spend many hours sitting near the lake dwelling into the tranquility of the divine lake. The beautiful azure moss colored lake glimmering under the sun during the day.

Nainital Naini Lake Mallroad Boating

As the sun goes down one gets behind the mountains; one gets to witness the hill station turn into an enchanting, alluring fairyland. The lake reflecting the row lights dancing in the mysterious an enigmatic fantasy.

Nainital Tourism Naini Lake Night
Credits: Amit Sah

Many legends in the mythology talk about the formation of lake, some of which are worth mentioning-

The lake of Nainital finds its place mentioned in Sakand Purans “Trishul Sarovar”. Tri Rishis (three sages Atri, Pulastiya, and Phulla) had come there for Pilgrimage while they were in the Gagar range (Now called China Peak) they felt thirsty and could not find some water.

After that, they thought of Mansarovar and dug a hole which at once got filled with water. The lake then formed was called Tri Rishi Tal (The Lake of Three Sages). Bathing in the lake is considered as beneficial as visiting Mansarovar. Unfortunately, it is illegal to take a bath in the lake now.


There is a slightly different version of Hindu Version of the creation of Lake in which Shiva, distraught with grief at the demise of his consort Parvati. Thus, Shiva started doing Tandav Dance, till Lord Vishnu intervened to destroy her body and scatter it all over the country.

On the way, her left eye dropped at the place called “Smuggler’s rock” and forth while Goddess Narayani sprang up. She is presiding Goddess of the lake and is said to have resided on the rock until she descended into the lake.There is a saying that every year one person in drowned in the lake – the annual toll levied by the Goddess Narayani.

shiv sati

The Scientist have a different story where much of the school of thought believes the formation of the lake was due to the melting of glaciers.

For the tourist, the hotels or the restaurants charge a location premium from the visitors for the vistas of the magnificent lake. For anyone visiting, boating in the lake falls into the must do category. The rates have been decided by the authorities so that the tourist don’t get cheated.

The boatman will row you around the lake for Rs 210 in a brightly painted Gonda boat which might have a name like “Laxmi Deluxe”. A swan or a dragon shaped paddle boat will cost you Rs 160 per hour(two-seaters), Rs 210 (four Seater) on an hourly basis. Boating activity begins at 10 AM and ends at 6 P.M.

How to reach Nainital Lake?

Road well connects the town with Kathgodam which is nearest railway head with 35.4 kms away from Nainital while Ranikhet is just 59 kms away from Nainital. In case if you are planning to come by road from Delhi via Moradabad then it is just 322 kms away.



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