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The most awaited trips of your life? That would be Honeymoon. The most pressure trip of your life? That would be Honeymoon too. I know the stress is high of the Big Day, now you also have to figure out that perfect place which would be best for you to start the happily ever after.

We are here to help. The first advice would be stop worrying too much. The second would be stop following clichés. It might work for your family friend but it might not be the thing for you. Dive in deep into your individuality and find a place that resembles with you(as a couple). If you are looking for an experience and not a spectacle. The perfect blend of serenity, beauty and luxury await for those who are looking in Uttarakhand. Here are some of the options available –

10) Mussoorie – Countless kids have been christened “Mussoorie”. It’s the mainstream Honeymooners paradise for ages. It has been ancient love affair since the time of the British. Mussoorie has multiple points which will keep you hooked, checking off multiple things to do from your list.

Mussoorie Tourism Honeymoon hillstation top uttarakhand

The gateway to “Gharwal Himalayas”  or the “Queen of Hills”. Around 2005 m above the sea level, the valley overlooks a majestic view.


9)Binsar– Binsar is located at a distance of 30kms from Almora. The place is an excellent pick for the nature enthusiast. Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary nestles more than 200 bird species including the lights of Blackbird Laughing Thrush, Kalij Peasant, and Monal bird.

Binsar top Honeymoon hillstation uttarakhand

The park provides excellent trekking opportunities and what’s more romantic to see the sun go down in the majestic Himalayan Range.

8) Nainital – Nainital, enough said. The place has been one of favorite for Honeymooners. The city is a beautiful mixture of all the hues of nature. Naini lake is the pride Nainital and the many gaily colored yachts on the sparkling lake have now become synonymous with this beautiful picture-postcard honeymoon place.

Picture Credits: Karuna meera singh
Picture Credits: Karuna meera singh

Nainital has everything for everyone. From rope-way to small hikes. From the glamorous Mall road to peaceful Thandi road.

7)Naukuchiatal– Bounded by dark woody forests, and lush greenery, Naukuchiatal means the lake with nine corners. Naukuchiatal remains a place where nature is given preference over man. Famous for its boat rides, it offers some of the best scenic vistas of the sparkling bluish water lake and its delightful environment.

Naukuchiatal top honeymoon hillstation uttarakhand

“Couples who play together, stay together.” It provides its visitors a bunch of adventure activities like Boating, Paragliding, Fishing, Rappelling, River crossing.

6) Mukteshwar – Mukteshwar, nestled in the Kumaun Himalayas. This place is perfect for couples to who would get plenty of time together in the lap of nature. The place is surrounded by the beautiful lush green Forrest of oak and rhododendron.

Mukteshwar top honeymoon hillstation uttarakhand
Credits: Amit Howard

The snow-capped Himalayas of Garhwal and Kumaun add to the divinity of the place. Muktestwar has some of the best resorts. They would make sure that your Honeymoon is picture perfect.

5) Harsil – This untouched beauty which has got its fame in the recent years is a perfect honeymoon escape for nature lovers or lovers in general.  Green coniferous covered mountains, gushing tributaries in a hurry to empty out into the Bhagirathi and lovely forest walks.

Harsil top honeymoon hillstation uttarakhand

Harsil at an elevation of 2,620 m is 25 km from the popular pilgrimage Gangotri ,where you can go ask for blessings for your life long journey together. It’s a perfect place for a couple to be lost in the wilderness.

4) Kausani – Called as “Switzerland of India” by Mahatma Gandhi. The man was Truth personified. So you can take his word for it. The beautiful Hill station Kausani opens up the panorama of Someshwar Valley on one side and Garur and Baijnath Katyuri Valley on the other.

Kusani top honeymoon hillstation uttarakhand
Credits: Mohit Sanwal

It was his favorite home within the mountains and commented that Kausani was the perfect resort for seekers of good health  and we would extend it to good love. It is a quiet little village with some of the best restaurants in the state. Go there if you are looking for serenity and gorgeous sunsets

3) Auli – Auli is a beautiful ski town and can be reached by road, or a ropeway from Joshimath. In winters, its terrain is considered to be excellent  for skiing, even by international standards. The facility is available in winters while in summers it assumes a very picturesque look.

Auli top honeymoon hillstation uttarakhand

Nandadevi and Kamet are a visual delight when viewed from the lap of Auli Bugyal. Auli is really unique in that you don’t just have views of mountains in the distance but you are right in the middle of them

2) Mount AbottAbott Mount is like our very own “desi Hogwarts”. As very few people know the mesmerizing beauty of this place. It can also be a perfect honeymoon spot for the lovebirds. The place is scenic where you and your special one can take long walks hand in hand.

Mount Abott top honeymoon hillstation uttarakhand

Mount Abott provides excellent picnic spots and Asia’s highest cricket ground. You can sit at a comfy cozy cottage, sipping up coffee enjoying the Sunset.

1) Munsiyari –  Munsiyari, a small hill station nestled in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. Panchchuli peaks  which look like as five chimneys are a major attraction. You just can’t stop admiring them. It is one of the great wonders of mother nature to see the sunset from the point of view of Panchchuli.

Munsyari top honeymoon hillstation uttarakhand

In springs, lower reaches forest are ablaze with rhododendrons forests, mountain birds like whistling thrush, wag tail, hawk, cuckoo, falcon. A hike to Kharia Top is a must the honeymoon at Munsiyari will bring you everlasting memories and lots of DPs for your Facebook.



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