Soham Heritage and Art Center, mussoorie

Soham Heritage and Art Center is one place here you can see a lot of Himalayan Culture under one roof. Fabulous items like paintings, photographs, authentic Himalayan items and much more present in the area. The building is very well designed and decorated. The antiques were rare and well assembled. The photo collection was one of a kind, and the British map was the only one who had survived. The hosts were excellent. The idea, design, and execution are perfect.

It suits everyone’s palate with its range of offerings. Kashi Devasthanam is a socio-cultural place growing silently and in a dedicated manner in the field of spirituality, art and heritage conservation and educational empowerment. It has been working continuously for the last 15 years on areas connected to Himalayan culture and general subjects about Uttarakhand. The organization works to keep the soon perishing traditions of the Himalayas alive and helping those in need through social empowerment.

Sonam Heritage and Art Center showcases the culture and tradition of Himalayas through paintings on canvasses, sculptures, frescoes, murals and scrap art. Soham center is an excellent overview of the Himalayan region, its people and its culture right from Kashmir till the eastern end of India. The place preserves rare photographs from a few decades and regional diversity in daily use items.

Sonam heritage centre

It showcases the Himalayan culture and Garhwal culture under one roof. Painting and sculptures are the main attractions for tourist and pilgrims. The Museum is Owned, Developed & Managed by Sameer Shukla & Dr. Kavita Shukla. The hosts warm, welcoming, hospitable, enthusiastic, self-made, audacious, great chefs and full of spirit and energy. They are doing a great job in restoring nature. The food of Ms. Shukla is delicious. The hosts paint and paint beautifully. They are such blessed souls, and you will feel sharing the space with them.
Sri Chamunda Peeth Temple is also in the compound. The temple is truly spiritual and vibrant place. It is an ideal location for one to meditate and feel oneness with the Universe. The vibes of the place just grip your soul.
Sonam Heritage Centre
The collection of photographs is breathtaking. The black and white pictures of Uttarakhand, Ladakh, and Tibet displayed in the museum will floor even the professional photographers. It is a treasure in Mussoorie just do not miss it if you are here. The paintings match the benchmarks set by the photographs. The wall paintings depicting various ceremonies is also amazing.
There is also an excellent opportunity for some shopping. They have a small museum unit where they have collected various musical instruments, jewelry, wardrobe, vessels and more things of the local culture.

Soham Heritage and Art Center Center timings:

Visiting hours: 9:00 Am – 1:00 Pm
                           4:00 Pm –  8:00 Pm

How to reach Soham Heritage Art Center?

Soham Heritage and Art Center is located down the mountain from Mussoorie center. And should not be confused with the Mussoorie museum “next to the old clock tower.” It is 1 km from picture palace in Mussoorie.



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