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Snow View point (at 7,450 ft) ranks high on the places to visit in Nainital. There are two reasons for that first; it is the place for which you can take the Ropeway. Second it is also the point for Himalaya Darshan (i.e why Snow View). On bright days, it gives you panoramic Himalayan views including the lights of Nanda Devi which was the highest peak of India until Kanchenjunga was absorbed in the country.

You will also be able to see the Trishul & Panchchuli peaks via binocular by paying a nominal fee of Rs 20. You can get dressed in traditional Kumauni dresses and get photographed with the spectacular Himalayan backdrop.
Snow View Nainital Ropeway Places to visit things to do

The Snow View has the usual food shops, souvenir shops, and the rest of Carnival. There is also an amusement park for kids. The amusement park has bumper cars, trampolines and flying fox. There is a small marble temple dedicated to Dev Mundi, housing images of Durga, Shiva, Rama and Lakshama.

Snow View Amusement Park Ropeway Places to Visit

At a pleasant 2 km walk from the snow view point, there is a Tibetan Monastery by the name of Kukyop Ling Gompa. There are taxi drivers that can take you to the Snow View, but that will take away the thrill of the ropeway. It runs on electricity.

Ropeway Nainital Snow View Palces to Visit

Earlier what use to happen was when the power was gone, the trolley would stop. It meant you are hanging on a wire with a mesmerizing view of the lake and the valley, but pretty much hanging in the thin air. It’s a nightmare of people with Agoraphobia. (That is the fear of being trapped in a situation that would be hard to escape), I had that, and I used to dread these trolleys. Thankfully now things have changed and Ropeway today is well connected with a more reliable source of electricity.

How To Reach Snow View Point?

The way to Ropeway is through a narrow path which is adjacent to Food Court. The ticketing office is located at the bottom which gives a ticket that works for both to and fro. In season time, you will be we well advised not to take the Ariel Express to Snow view as there is a long waiting list. There are a number taxi wala’s, who would be willing to take you to Snow View and 7  Points for Rs 700 (Small Taxi). Whereas a cable car might cost you-

Nainital Ropeway Ticket?

  • For Adults- Rs 150 each
  • For Children- Rs 100 each

The Timings Of Ropeway Nainital are-

  • 8 AM- 8 PM (May and June),
  • 10:30 AM- 4 PM(Jul- April)


Note: It would be a terrific idea to wake up early, hire a cab for 300 bucks. And witness the magical sunrise from Snow View Point. There are many cab drivers who would easily take you there. If you are unable to find the cab please contact us the day before at (9720634443).



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