There are many shops with flashy clothes, handicrafts, clocks, sandals, bangles, food and sweets and much more. Apparently when you go for a walk in mall-road with a cup of sweet corn there’s a lot to shop for. There are many shops offering unique items from entire Kumaun. So, here are some shopping places in nainital you must try at-least once.

The pine handicrafts are a cheap and unique way to redecorate your home. Some shops in Mallroad of Nainital provide Vintage Style Victorian Wall Clocks. The namkeen, from the Bara Bazar,  have also made a name for themselves. The Tibetan market is the place to go for all the funky clothes at a reasonable price.

On one hand there are global brands like Woodland and Adidas. On the other various local stores have popped up which provide ethnic products. Therefore this mixture of  global and local. We have mentioned few of these shopping centers here.

6Pahari Store

Pahari Store is located above Capitol Cinema.The shop offers excellent herbal cosmetic and medicinal products. In addition to that shop has been arranged such that you get all the gifts from Himalayas.

The shop goes back to over two decades. Pahari Store provides handicrafts, key chains, Dolls, Famous Rajma (Munsyari), Wax Candles, and herbal products.

5Himadri Store

Himadri Store is located at the Himalayas. They work with women in rural Uttarakhand who make hand made products. It maybe a cool bag made of a jeans or wallcrafts. You dear ones would love these presents.

4Indian Tribal Store

This is the newest exotic addition in the shoppers list. Indian Tribal Store is located behind the post office in Tallital Nainital Bus Station.

In addition to that  shop offers shawls, suits, file folders from across the nation. The stuff is a bit expensive but the quality is premium.


3Sardar Sons

Sardar Sons is a homemade name of Nainital. Store is located in Mall Road, near Machan Restaurant. It is famous for the wide variety of apparels. Sardar Sons targets the premium market. The shop offers Jeans, sweaters, hood and other casual clothing.



Fruitage has made a name for itself in the organic food market. It client come back again and again to buy Canned Fruits, Chutney, Jams ,Juices, Pickles, Squash. They claim to use fresh natural ingredients. You should definitely buy something from fruitage on your trip to Nainital. You may come across numerous fruitage stores when going for nainital sightseeing.

1Tibetan Market

The market provides fancy clothes at cheap prices. Prices are negotiable. You will be able to get all the fads of current times. The famous candles of Nainital , Devil horns, Buddhist Antics,  latest trends in clothing.

You will be able to collect t-shirts, lingerie, jeans, jackets at a decent price. Tibetan Market also hosts some of the best restaurants in town.




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