shopping places in Mussoorie

What are the shopping places in Mussoorie?

Searching for the best shopping places in Mussoorie? Mussoorie vibrates with gaiety and merrymaking in the season time. The peak of which lies between Mid April to the end of June. The Tiaras, the devil-horns, the selfie sticks, popcorn and the nightlights all come together to create an ambiance which other hill stations can only envy. There are ample of shopping places in Mussoorie.

Carved wooden gift boxes,  Tibetan Buddha Wheels, brass statues, on can get unique items from white houses. The hand wood oak wood sticks, ceramic vases. The major shopping promenades in Mussoorie include the bazaars of library and Landour.

Shopping places in Mussoorie-

Library Bazar-

library bazaar mussoorie

The Victorian-style library made in the mid-nineteenth century is the centerpiece to library bazar. The bazaar is located on the western end of the Mall. At a proximity is the bandstand, a historical place to make merry and music. The circular arrangement of the shops sells woolen clothes, handicrafts, and other items that fulfill the need of travelers. A statue of the father of Nation, Gandhi stands at the end of Bazar.

The Mall

The Mall is Mecca of shopping in Mussoorie. This sleepy town provides a unique shopping experience. Be it the Gharwali culture or the Buddhism culture. The small town soaks in the lifestyles of the people who have been coming here for centuries. Many tiny shops cater to demands of diverse customers.

Sisters Bazar-

A couple of old cottage and a few shops are a sign of sister’s bazar. The serenity of pine and oak trees makes it a unique shopping experience which is different from all the others. The Prakash which sells delicious jams, cheeses, and sauces which are sure to take your taste buds on a ride. These can be a mouthful memoir of Mussorie. You can also get handicrafts of Buddha and Hindu idols here.

Char Dukaan –

Char Dukaan in the cantonment area in Landour Bazar. The area is famous for the restaurants which serve cuisines of sandwiches, pancakes and maple syrup. There a few maple syrup, sandwiches, and parathas.  In char dukkan, you can also get ingredients of these items so that you can try it at home.

Landour Bazar –

Landour Bazar is famous for Chakarta Rajma and Basmati rice. This is sure to take your taste buds for a ride. Some of the fancy crockeries is a hit among house makers. There are few bookstores offering a wide variety of books in which if you are very lucky Ruskin Bond comes for signing.



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