Sattal Mythology

According to Sattal Mythology the word Sattal says “Sat” meaning “Seven” and “Tal” means “Lake” so a small town of seven lakes has some of the most preserved and unpolluted surroundings. Great height and the dazzling jungles of oaks and pines adds to the beauty of the town. There is no particular order of the lakes and spells as Nal Damyanti, Ram, Laxhman, Sita, Bharat, Sukha, and Garud Tal. These lakes have some of the most interesting mythological stories.

Nal Damyanti tal has a mythological legend about its name and its origin. The tales uncovers the epic love story of a king named Nala and his lovely wife Damyanti. Damyanti was known for her beauty and chose King Nala over the gods. People opposed them and said she have angered the gods by marrying a human.

After that queen was having a dreams in which a spirit was asking same question over and over “Can I come inside”? One night the queen replied “Yes” after which the spirit entered into her body and the palace was submerged into a lake.

naldamyanti tal

The main lake in sattal are termed as Ram, Laxman and Sita Tal which were named after the legends of epic Ramayana.

ram, lakshman, sita lakes mythology

Bharat Tal is one of the hidden lake of seven lakes of Sattal. Bharat brother of Shri Ram is a legend from the Ramayana. Just before the main lake a route descends to a dense oak forest.

Sukha Tal also known as Khudariya Tal was renamed Sukha which means “Dry” as the lake almost dried up.

Garud Tal also named as Panna Tal is named after the mythical creature that looks like a bird and rides the chariot of Lord Vishnu.

sattal lake mythology

All Sattal mythology lakes are considered very sacred among the resident of this town.



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