Sattal Lakes

Sattal lakes

Sattal Lakes – “The Seven Lakes Hill Station”

Sattal forms one of the best tourist place in Uttarakhand. Most of you have seen the epic “Game of Thrones” series, Westeros of UK is often compared to Sattal. There are around 14 lakes in Nainital District out which 7 is in the Sattal. Also the town is most preserved and unpolluted in Nainital district. This small town has much to offer, splendid natural beauty, wilderness, winding valleys and breathtaking attractions.

You will fall in love with the charm and peace of the place. Sattal is yet to be unearth and the best part is that the place is not yet hosh poshed with properties.

Sattal is often a host to many migratory birds which travel from the chilling temperature of Himalayas. So if you are quite an observer and have some photography skills this place can give some of the best memories.

Sattal Lakes

Following are the Sattal Lakes which are mainly these lakes – Ram tal, Sita tal, Laksman tal, Bharat tal, Nal Damyanti tal, Garud tal and Sukha tal. Sattal located at an altitude of 1370 metres in district Nainital of Uttarakhand.

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Ram , Sita and Laksman Tal

As you enters in Sattal the main lake is called as Ram, Laxman and Sita Tal. Lake got its name after the legends of epic Ramayana. The lake is mostly surrounded by the dense forest of oak, pines and deodar trees. This is the biggest of all the other lakes. There is quite a pleasure in boating at this lake. At the bank of the lake you can find small shops.

Sattal lakes

Sukha Tal

One of the seven Sattal lakes is “Sukha Tal” formerly known as “Khudariya Tal”. It was back then named as Sukha which means “Dry” because the lake almost got dried. Sukha tal is located in the route to Subhash Dhara. This lake remains dry for whole summer but gets flooded in rainy’s.

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Garud Tal

Garud is the sanskrit name for “eagle” so the lake resembles the shape of garud. Garud is also the mythical creature that almost looks like a bird and ride the chariot of Lord Vishnu (hindu god). The lake resides just few kilometers before Sattal.

Lake is surrounded by dense forest and it is prone to sight seeing of leopards, gurrals, deers. Lake is abandoned and you can’t find anyone there. So boating is not a chance over there you just have to admire the beauty of the lake. Also there is saying that the place is haunted because of which their is no boating facility. You can also catch a sight of an old Church just across the lake.

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Nal Damyanti Tal

It is the small lake which is at some distance from Sattal. The lake isn’t offers much of the scenic view. It is also said that Nal Damyanti Tal is the “man made”. There is the interesting and pure love fairy tale behind the formation of the lake.

The story is about a king named “Nala” and his beloved “Damyanti”. Nala was a great king and was quite muscular. They fall in love without even seeing each other. Damyanti was also known for her beauty and chose King Nala over the gods. People opposed them and said she have angered the gods by marrying a human.

After that queen was having a dreams in which a spirit was asking same question over and over “Can I come inside”? One night the queen replied “Yes” after which the spirit entered into her body and the palace was submerged into a lake.


Bharat Tal

Bharat Tal is one of the hidden lake of seven lakes of Sattal. Just before the main lake a route descends to a dense oak forest where Bharat Tal resides. This lake remains dry during summers but in winters the banks of lakes is flocked with migratory birds.

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