Roopkund Trek

Bookings Open for Roopkund Trek Adventure (2017)

Roopkund Trek – The most popular Roopkund trek bookings 2017 are now open! If you are trekking to India, Roopkund trek is the most memorable of all. Roopkund Trek is a must do, if you are a serious adventure seeker & trekker.

Roopkund is a small shallow lake with a height of two meters. This would have been another Himalayan waterbody if it was not for the skulls and bones lying at its bottom for thousands of years.

The scene of the lake is utter desolation. In the vicinity of the lake, nothing grows, nothing breaths, nothing survives. It is as if nature have intentionally put a small carpet of ice to hide the horrors of the place. The skeletons of men, women, and children

Who are these people whose skeletons lie here from millennium? What were they doing so high above the inhabited point of Himalayas? What leads to their deaths here? Scientists have reached different conclusions and the matters remain to a matter of conjecture. Nothing has been proved conclusively.

Roopkund trek in India for anyone who claims himself as a trekker. The circuit is among the most popular treks in India. At an altitude of nearly 4,800 meters. The treks pass through many picturesque, beautiful and attractive locations. Mesmerizing bugyals (grasslands), waterfall and vistas of snow-capped Himalayas await you in the trek. Nanda Rajjat Yatra is the highest pillgrimage which goes through Roopkund trek.

Why do Roopkund TreK?

There are a variety of reasons on choosing Roopkund over all the others. The chunk of

Roopkund Trek Itenary:

Day 1: Kathgodam – Lohajung-Wan (214 km)

  • Pick up from Kathgodam railway station early morning.
  • It is the starting point for our journey to Roopkund the mysterious lake.
  •  The mystery lake trek would give you a remarkable experience you might just feel that you are living your dream, as it gives you every thing that a trek must contains.
  • The Roopkund trek is also known as the skeleton trek as skeletons are what you would see on reaching the destination.
  • Kathgodam is a small hamlet and starting point for the lower Himalayan range.
  • Drive to Wan base camp(around 250 kms.)
  • overnight at Wan

van village road

Day 2: Wan – Bedni Bugyal (13 km)

  • Early morning begin the trek from Wan to Bedni Bugyal, around 13 kms.
  • Bedni bugyal is probably the best bugyal in Uttarakhand region.
  • overnight stay at bedni

bedni bugyal uttarakhand


Day 3: Bedni Bugyal -Pathar Nachauni (4 km)

  • Today the trek is around of 4 km from Bedni Bugyal to Pathar Nachauni.
  • Patharnachuni is a brilliant campsite and offers you great views all around..
  • Trek to Aali Bugyal(around 3 kms), return to Bedni.
  • Overnight at Patharnachuni

pathar nachuni uttarakhand

Day 4: Pathar Nachauni to Kalu Vinayak(1.5 km.) to Baghubasa (3.5 km.)

  • Start your trek through the steep dash to gain altitude and finally trek in the snow line. The day’s snow trek will bring you to an altitude of 14,500 ft from 12,500 ft. It is a high altitude trekking.
  • You would have to start your day early as you would like to reach Bhawabasa as early to acclimatize to the weather.
  • Continue to climb to Kalu Vinayak, which is a steep and zig-zag way to take you up the mountain. Go through this section carefully and slowly.
  • It takes around one and a half hours to reach Kalu Vinayak.
  • The route from Kalu Vinayak to Bhagwabasa is simple and gradually sloping downwards.
    Bhagwabasa is 2 km away and you can have a view of the Bhagwabasa huts from here.
  • Camp overnight.( Acclimatise).

roopkund trek

Day 5: Bhagwabhasa to Roop Kund(3 kms); and Jura Gali(.4 kms.), and back to Bedni

  • Trek from Bhagwabhasa to Roop Kund(3 kms); and Jura Gali(.4 kms.), and back to Bedni.
  • Start the day as early at 5 AM as the snow is still hard, while later in the day, it would get soft and your feet would start sinking in.
  • Roopkund is a 5 km gradually uphill climb from Bhagwabasa. You will have steep climb towards the end of the trail to reach Roopkund. It would take about 3 – 3½ hours to reach Roopkund.
  • Climb to Roopkund, and then climb up to Junargali.
  • The climb to Junargali is not long. It is around 200 ft and doesn’t take much time. It is hardly a climb of 25 – 30 min.
  • Start off early to return back to Bedni Bugyal via Bhagwabasa.
  • Camp overnight at Bedni.

roopkund lake uttarakhand

Day 6: Bedni to Wan (13 km)

  • Trek back from Bedni to Wan.The path is fairly simple and you would not feel any distress throughout.
  • You would cross the oak forest as you go and the scenic beauty is just mesmerizing. You would see the end of meadows after a few minutes.
  • Get astonished by looking at the Trishul on your way back from Bedni Bugyal to Wan and pass the Rhododendron forest.
  • This will be a steep descent for the Neel Ganga. Faster trekkers reach there in approximately one and a half hours. However you should take your time and enjoy the beauty as you go by.
  • From the river, it takes about half an hour to climb to the ridge above Wan village.
  • Overall it takes about 6 and half an hour to Wan.

Day 7: Wan –  Kathgodam (250 km)
way to roopkund

  • With tons of memories, stories and adventure Depart. for Kathgodam.
  • Enjoy the lovely weather on your journey.