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Places Near Ranikhet

Places Near Ranikhet

Ranikhet also known as the “tourists paradise” with charming views and tourists spots draws many of the tourists round the year. One can fall in love with the simplicity of the place and the lush green hills. Ranikhet casts spell on every visitors making them visit this place again and again. Below is the list of Ranikhet excursions that you can visit while you are in Ranikhet. From these excursions one can also visit the famous Corbett National Park. Ranikhet offers much more to explore the ancient temples, trekking options and picnic spots.

Ranikhet Excursions

You can visit the following given places while you are staying in Ranikhet. All these tourist destinations are near Ranikhet.

1. Binsar Mahadev

Build around 9th century A.D. the preceding deity of the temple is Lord Shiva. One of the best place to visit around Ranikhet located 19km from Ranikhet. It is believed that this temple was build in the single day. The temple is surrounded by the dense forest of Deodars. Ganesh, Har Gauri and Maheshmardani are the idols, from which Maheshmardini is carved with some texts which is very ancient. The temple is known for its finest architecture.  The temple is also known as the “Bindeshwar Temple”, as the temple was built by “King Pithu” in the memory of his father “Bindu”.

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In the month of June, large mass of devotees specifically women comes to this temple in the occasion of Vaikanth Chaturdasi. It is believed that devotees mainly women pray’s all night long with a “burning diyas” for the Lord blessings. One of the most peaceful Ranikhet excursions. It is also said that women visits temple in the desire of child. And the desire is fulfilled here.

2. Dunagiri Temple


As per the legend when Hanuman Ji was carring the mountain of “Sanjivani Booti” for “Laxman” then while carring a piece of the mountain fall at this place since that day the place is known as Doonagiri (giri means fall). Temple’s the preciding deity is goddess Durga, and is located 55 km from Ranikhet or 15km from Dwarahat. Other tale related to the place says that “Pandavas” took shelter in this place during their period of exile. Temple’s interior is old and ancient which attracts many pilgrims during the month of Chait and Ashwin of Navratras.

3. Katarmal Sun Temple

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Katarmal is the only Sun Temple of North India. It is the second sun temple, first being Konark Sun Temple in Orissa. It is situated about 25 km from Ranikhet. The trek promises some of the beautiful vistas of the nearby places and the traditional view of terrace farming practiced in these parts of the county.

4. Dwarahat

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A small town of Dwarahat is snuggled in the Kumaon Hills.  Dwara means “Door” so Dwarahat literally means “Door to Heaven”. Place is famous for the ancient temple and its stunning architecture constructed by the Katyuri Kings. Sand-witched between Ranikhet and Gairsen this town is famous for the group of 55 ancient temples. Dwarahat is located at the distance of 34 km from Ranikhet and takes about 1hr 20min to reach.

5. Shitlakhet


Shitlakhet  is one of those lofty places who haven’t got the limelight they deserve. It is a small hamlet that falls between Almora and Ranikhet. It is one of those places that give equal preference to nature as well as to man. Shitlakhet is the most famous scenic spots which offers unmatched views of the Himalayan range. Place is also famous for the Shiyahi Devi Temple and its delicious apple orchards.

6. Bhimtal

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Bhimtal is the fast emerging tourist destination of Kumaun region of Uttarakhand. The real pride of this place is Bhimtal Lake which attracts the most. Bhimtal lake is larger than the Nainital lake, making it the largest lake in the Kumaun region of Uttarakhand. Bhimtal is a lake town at an altitude of around 1371 meters.

The town and the lake are named after Bhima, one of the Pandavas of the epic story of Mahabharata who is said to have visited the place. On the banks of the dam you can find the Shivji Temple called as Bhimeshwar Temple which is said to be built in the early 1880’s with strong devotees to this temple.

7. Nainital

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Nainital is a popular lake district and exotic hill station in state Uttarakhand of India. It is located 56km from Ranikhet. Nainital is another Ranikhet excursions which is covered with deodar & pine trees making it honeymooners paradise. Nainital is the mixture of calm and excitement, that adds a unique blend to the station. For many the call from the mountains is irresistible.




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