Raj Bhawan Nainital

Raj Bhawan, which is also known as the Governors House. The foundation of the Raj Bhawan was based on the model of Buckingham Palace.The foundation was laid on April 27, 1897, and the building was completed in March 1900. The cost of building the Governor House. The foundation of the Raj Bhawan was based on the model of Buckingham Palace.

The foundation was laid on April 27, 1897, and the building was completed in March 1900. The cost of building the Governor House also with the subsidy buildings cost was about Seven and a half lakhs at that time. It’s now an official residence of Uttarakhand Governor.

Much of the architecture of colonial buildings in Nainital, was inspired by the Early Gothic Architecture. Its characteristics include the ribbed vault, pointed arch, and the flying buttress. The old building has a ballroom provided dancing space for roughly 250 people.

Raj Bhavan Government House Nainital Architechture

Raj Bhawan stands at an altitude of 6,785 feet above sea level. Most of the land cover in under Deodar, Rhododendron, oak forest and various other trees imported from England. On the north, they ascend the slopes, screening it from precipitous cliff approached from the entrance.

Addition to the magnificent old stage architecture with implausible gardens, golf links, and swimming pools. The ground has been laid out with the well-graded paths leading through the woods. The wildlife which you might see venturing in the grassland are Kakars and Gurrals. Leopards used to be frequent visitors, but now that there has been a boundary across the area, it has been a relief for the Dogs.

History of Raj Bhawan

The designers of Raj Bhawan (Nainital) were Architect Stevens and the Executive Engineer FOW Ortel. Burma teak has been used in conjunction with other versions of teak.

Raj Bhavan old Nainital tourist places to visit

Local stones have been used in its construction, with Ashler’s finishing. Some of the privileged occupants of the Raj Bhawan (Nainital) in the pre-Independence era include Sir Antony Mac Donald, Sir James, Sir John Misten, Sir Harcourt Butler, who were the then Governors of the United Provinces. In the post-Independence period, Smt. Sarojini Naidu, the first Governor of Uttar Pradesh, was the first occupant of this historical monument.

Why Visit Raj Bhawan?

The combined effect of the vividly green lawn, gray stone steps, and well-grown deodar trees is dignified and peaceful and strongly reminiscent of the old British Properties. Apart from the brilliant architecture Raj Bhawan offers excellent vistas of Hanumangarh and on clear days of bright days of Haldwani and crystal clear days of Nanakmatta.

Raj Bhawan is too big to be too crowded, even in the peak season days.  One can witness the interiors of the Government only on certain special days. One could stroll in the dense forest and check out the cave, which is rumored to be s hideout of Sultana Daku. In the center, there is cricket ground in which my Dad had cricket played and lost a lot of his school books. At the lower level is the natural grass valley.

The Golf Course, Raj Bhavan

The golf course is a one of the jewels in the crown of the Uttarakhand. One of the best in the world, it hosts various nation and international events. According to the tradition, the opening shot is played by Governor. The work on it started from 1926, overtime this masterpiece was constructed surrounded by the beautiful Deodar trees.

Golf Course occupies 50 acres of land. Golf Course and Governor House can be seen on the way to various Nainital treks i.e. cliffs and Tiffin top. The complete golf course consists of 18 holes.

Raj Bhavan Nainital Governmment House Placed to Visit
Credits: Chinmaya Sah

The course is not remarkable not merely for the beauty of its setting, but for the adventurousness of the game which the natural hazards provide. The holes are mostly short.  It is one of the most challenging golf courses in the world surrounded by enchanted surroundings with an excellent drainage system.

Visitor Timing for Raj Bhawan (Governor House) –
  1. March to April: 8 am to 5 pm
  2. May to August: 8 am to 6 pm
  3. September to October: 8 am to 5 pm
  4. November to December: 8 am to 4 pm
Ticket for Raj Bhawan –
  1. Entry Ticket – Rs 50
  2. Ticket for Golf Course – Rs 450

How to Reach Raj Bhawan Nainital?

One can hike to Raj Bhawan (which is a 1 km trek) from Tallital Road stand. If one prefers to go through a vehicle its a 3 km ride. The cabs will charge Rs 100 to drop you there.The nearest railway station is  Kathgodam (36km), and the nearest airport is Pantnagar (56 km).



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