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Here is the list of Sattal popular tourist destinations and things to do in Sattal. Check out all the places to visit in Sattal which are of tourists interest.

These are the places that you must see when you visit Sattal:

Butterfly Museum

Butterfly Museum is the famous attraction of the Sattal and is located in Junes State will make you close to the nature.

It is hard to define the exact boundary of the June Estate- now is a mess of some of the beautiful and picturesque private properties. Museum makes one of the places to visit in sattal having approximately more then 2500 varied species of butterflies and 1100 species of insects.

Fredeick Smetacek Jr also known as “The Butterfly Man” build this house has put his all effort for this huge collection of the butterflies which you can see in the wall of his living room. Now his brother Peter Smetacek run and organized the Butterfly Museum. A visit to museum will cost you around 100 per person which is worth the price.

Methodist Ashram

Sattal christian Ashram was eastablished by the Stanly Jones in 1930 who came in India as missionary and a friend of Mahatma Gandhi. The Ashram is situated in the entry of banks of the beautiful lake of Sattal.

There is the Christain chapel in premises of this Ashram it is believed that this was build to introduce Christianity in the Kumaon. Place gives you the feel of seclusion and traquality.

methodist ashram
Ashram also has the vision statement which says

“We, people of all faiths and no faith, gather in this ashram to attempt not to find an answer, but to be the answer, by experiencing a miniature of Vasudevakudumbagham (Kingdom of God), while being mentored by our Sat Guru, Jesus Christ in indigenous forms.

Subhash Dhara

Subhash Dara is the freshwater fresh water spring that originates from the dense oak forest in Sattal. The crystal clear water and the fascinating surrounding helps to lure the visitors.

Hidimba Mandir

Hidimba Temple is the proof of the mythical characters of the Mahabharat. It is belived that the Bhim married a asura lady named as Hidimba.

This place is named after her, who was a demoness and changed into a beautiful lady, when she was impressed by physical beauty of Bhim, a powerful son of Kunti.

To visit Temple you have to trek up in the hill at the distance of 5 km from the town. An environmentalist Vankhandi Maharaj has choosen this place to preserve the wildlife of this region.

places to visit in sattal

Vankhandi Maharaj or Aloo Baba is the one who created the entire place including the Ashram and the Hidimba Temple. Soon when you step in the Ashram you will be welcomed by the Baba and his two kittens. The Ashram being on top of hill gives a beautiful view of Nainital town and the lakes of the Sattal.

Activities to do in Sattal –

Kayaking: With paddle on your hand and kayak beneath you and in between the green water lake, gives you a feeling like nowhere else. Swimming is not a prerequisite as life jackets are provided, it is totally safe for all age group of the people. Kayaking is best exercise and too with fun.

River crossing: Crossing the lake with the help of ropes. The sport test your endurance, as you have to cross the lake by pulling you weight with your hands. Safety to the people is well taken care of, so you not need to worry at all.

Rock Climbing:  Climbing the rocks with a proper safety gear is a bit challenging and and need endurance, it is best for those that are bit daring. If interested in accepting the challenge you can contact to the local adventure point (shops) and they will arrange each and every thing.

Boating: Boats are available on the main Sattal Lake, that you can hire for rental on hour basis.

Paragliding: About five  kilometer from the Sattal . You can enjoy a fly like a bird in the free wind over the green fields , in the lap of the magnificent mountains and together with clouds. It is a lifetime experience one must feel.


There are few treks nearby one may choose according to time and interest. You may or may not hire a guide.

One may trek to ‘Hidimba’ Ashram, on a hill top and about 3 km from sattal lake. The ashram is maintained by an old saint “Hidimba Maharaaj”. Ashram is surrounded with lush green forest, which is full of medical plants and shrubs and a rich wildlife. It is the soothing place for meditation, one can stay a night or more in the Ashram and can feel the self transcendence in the sanctity of the Ashram. Visit the beautiful Ashram but again do maintain the holiness of the place.

Or you can go to the nearby waterfall, mainly hidden from the main sattal.  At a distance of a kilometer from the Main sattal lake and into the forest, it is really a pearl in the wild.

or another option is trek to the nearby villages, talling to the villagers and understanding their culture and traddition will add a new experience to your list.

Camping: A night or more in the wild is an another option for a perfect getaway. There are number of camps nearby that that provide accomodation on daily basis. A variety of activities are also organised by the camp staff to the groups like, angling, night walk, burma bridge, rock climbing, rappelling , obstacle course, river crossing and much more.

Birding: Paradise for the bird lovers, sattal gives you a rich variety of birds in depending upon each season. 1400 odd species listed of Birds in India, 500 can be spotted here depending upon the season.These include the lights of bird like the blue-throated barbet and brown-headed barbets, lineated barbet, Himalayan Bulbul, Jungle Mynah, Long Tail Minivet, Kingfisher and many more.Other than that 20 species of mammals, over 525 species of butterflies.

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