Places To Visit in Ranikhet – ‘Queen Meadow’

Here is the list of Ranikhet famous tourist spots, must do activities and things to do in Ranikhet. Check out all the places to visit in Ranikhet which are of tourists interest.

Being a place blessed with natural beauty Ranikhet is a popular tourist spot. Ample with flowers, green meadows Ranikhet resides amidst the heavenly Himalayan range. With one of the best climate in India, Ranikhet lures most of the tourists in summers.  Explore best places to visit in Ranikhet and picnic spots where you can spend your leisure time and enjoy a lovely vacation trip.

Chaubhatia Gardens

places to visit in ranikhet
Situated at the 10km south of the ranikhet is the green land which expands 600 acres of land. Chaubhatia Gardens are famous for its orchards weighted with the delicious apples, appricots, peaches and other alpine fruits. On can taste the panoramic view of the snow capped beauties of the Himalayas. There is Bhalu Dam which is at the back of the beautiful lake which lures most of the tourists throughout the year.

Jhula Devi Temple

At 7km from Ranikhet near Chubhatia Garden sits the holy temple of Jhula Devi.The temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. Close to this temple is the temple who’s presiding deity is Lord Rama. Temple is surrounded by dense forest which inhabited number of man eaters (wild animals) such as leopards and tigers.

Upat And Kalika Golf Course

ranikhet golf course
6km away from Ranikhet resides one of the highest Golf Course of Asia called as Ranikhet Golf Course. It is situated near Kalika Temple. The entire property is under the care of Kumaon Regiment. This golf course is built for army people. However, common people can also visit it by paying a nominal fee. It opens throughout the year and one of the most clean and beautiful tourist places in Ranikhet.


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This is the ancient temple which is easily acessible from Ranikhet as it is just 1km from there. This temple is dedicated to Maa Kali, Lord Shiva and Radha – Krishna. This temple was built in 1978. However, later it was rebuilt by the soldiers of Kumaun Regiment. You can feel the spiritual scent in the surroundings of the Temple. The natural beauty around it is bewitching.


places to visit in ranikhet
This is the small village located 8km from the Queens Meadow. It is said that Gandhi Ji during his struggle for freedom once lived in this place in a small hut known as “Gandhi Kuti”. Village is also famous for various activities carried out from this place for India’s freedom.


Majhkali is a small town located 12km from Ranikhet. It is famous for its natural beauty and the panoramic view of the snow capped peaks of the Himalayas. There is also a famous temple whose main deity is the goddess Kali. The place also hosts the forest nursery which preserves various species of flora and fauna.


Ashiyana Park

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Situated in the mid of Ranikhet “Ashiyana park” is created for children by the Ranikhet Cantt. The park offers panoramic view of the Himalayan Range.



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