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Must See Places To Visit in Mussoorie

Mussoorie attractions has been welcoming to all the holiday makers, the curious, the explorers and the pleasure seekers. There are a lot of places to visit in  Mussoorie. There are a lot of locations with historical significance; some made famous by Bollywood, some that have divinity written all over them.  Here are some of the must-see places to visit in Mussoorie to make your tour everlasting & memorable. The list of places that you must visit in Mussoorie are –

Soham Heritage Art Centre:

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Soham Heritage Art Centre is a single location, great Mussoorie sightseeing where you can see a lot of Himalayan Culture under one roof. Fabulous items like paintings, photographs, authentic Himalayan items and much more present in the area. The building is well designed and decorated. The antiques were rare and well assembled.The photo collection was one of a kind, and the British map was the only one which has survived. The hosts are friendly and inviting.The idea, design, and execution are perfect.

Camel’s Back Road –

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About 300 meters from the Mall Road, Camel’s Back Road can be done in a ride on a cycle rickshaw, but one will be well advised to cover this distance on foot or on a bicycle which is available on rent. The fruitful hike promises mesmerizing views of the valley. Lush green trees and Ashram along the way makes excellent for a leisure walk. The camel back rock is another tourist attraction on the way.

Lal Tibba –

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Lal tibia, situated in the Landour Cantt. The area is the top most point of the highest peak in Mussoorie. If Mussoorie is known as the ‘Queen of the Hills’, then Landour or the Lal Tibba must be the ‘Fairer Princess .’ This is one place in Mussoorie which is fortunately still not affected by the commercialization.

The views from the top are fabulous, and one can see a lot of ranges on a clear day. Another place of interest in the small town is Deposit Hill also known as Lal Tibba. It is the highest of Mussorie and beautiful paranoic  Himalayas is visible on clear days. The Badrinath, Kedarnath, Bandarpooch, Sri Kanta, and Nanda Devi can be seen from here.


Happy valley:

Another good walk takes you down to Happy Valley and Tibetan Refugee Center where there are a temple and small shops selling hand knitted clothes. Its Tibetan temple there, very colorful. Fantastic view from the viewpoint, you can see Tibetan homes and school and flags. People who like peace should visit that place for sure. Mantra cycle of life cylinders are there, so you can have an experience of Tibetan monks.

Clouds End:

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Clouds end is for the people who take the road less traveled. What the road leads to the place is breathtaking with dense greenery of either side of the road. It is an excellent place to go for a hike  (9km to and fro).This serene place is an escape from the hustle bustle of Mussoorie town.The place is a heritage property located in a forest area. In front of the mystic Bungalow are a few benches to sit upon.


Company Garden:

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Company garden is very peaceful place in Mussoorie. It is about 5 km from the library square near mall road. This garden is in the heart of Mussoorie attractions. It has lots of different types of flowers. There are many other things to see also. There are lots of rides for kids and adults. There is a small lake where you can boat. There is also a wax museum. Lots of places to eat, including a food court.

Gun Hill :

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Gun Hill as its name suggest is a hill which was used by Indian military to use their big guns. Now this place is tourists point. To go on this hill best way is to buy tickets of the tram which work from the middle of mall road. On the top, there are restaurants, shops and many points to take a view of whole Mussoorie. Temperature falls a little when you reach on the hill. There is telescope point where you can watch far away with a telescope. Try drinking a hot cup of tea/coffee and eat hot Maggie.

Kempty Falls:

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Located approximately 15 km from Mussoorie, you cannot go to Mussoorie and not visit the Kempty Falls. Yes, it is that important. One of the highlights of Mussoorie. The lake and falls are mesmerizing.People go there to bath in fresh chilled water. There are many restaurants nearby which offer street food. You can see hundreds of people taking a dip at one time. Although too much commercialization of Kempty is probably hurting the place.

Jharipani Waterfall

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The tourist who are not as much as the Kempty Fall with fewer tourist and more scenic beauty. It is roughly 9km from Mussorie which includes 1.5km on foot. An excellent place for picnicking and admire the Shivalik Range, making it must see destination in Mussoorie.

A must visit place in Mussoorie for the one who loves to explore nature. It’s the perfect place if you are in a mood to refresh yourself in a calm and serene place. It offers you with an amazing view at every step. There is a beautiful waterfall with trees around. If you love nature you would love this place too!

Everest House:

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The location is easily accessible by cab. Built in 1932 house shows some interesting facts about the life of this famous personality. At one side you can see an impressive view of the verdant Aglar River valley & on another side snow-capped Himalayas. The house itself is a ruin, with cow excrements and writing all over it, the same as the viewing point from where George Everest did the measurements.

Library Bazar:

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The Victorian-style library is one best places to visit in Mussoorie, made in the mid-nineteenth century is the centerpiece to library bazar. The bazar is located on the western end of the Mall. At a proximity is the bandstand, a historical place to make merry and music. The circular arrangement of the shops sells woolen clothes, handicrafts, and other items that fulfill the need of travelers. A statue of the father of Nation, Gandhi stands at the end of bazarYou can also enjoy the scenic beauty of this place of entire town and only rest for some time.

Sisters Bazar-

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A couple of old cottage and a few shops are a sign of sister’s bazar. The serenity of pine and oak trees makes it a unique shopping experience which is different from all the others. The Prakash which sells delicious jams, cheeses, and sauces which are sure to take your taste buds on a ride. These can be a mouthful memoir of Mussoorie. You should visit this place when in Mussoorie.

Char Dukan –

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Char Dukaan in the cantonment area in Landour Bazar. The area is famous for the restaurants which serve cuisines of sandwiches, pancakes and maple syrup. There are a few shops carry books in Ruskin Bond. The austere St. Paul’s Church is also located here. It opens for sunday for mass.



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