Places to visit in Jim Corbett

What makes Corbett National Park unique is that its diverse biodiversity. The acres of land for more than its 600 species of birds and abundant fauna and flora, but also its keen eye on extremely relevant issues that the world is facing today such as wildlife conservation, ecosystem management, ecotourism, etc. Their are number of places to visit in Jim Corbett National Park are Garjiya Temple, Corbett Falls etc.

Jim Corbett National Park has over the years emerged as a symbol of responsible tourism. A place where the wild gets more preference than the man. This holds true for very few of the famous tourist places. The authorities had made sure that there are ample activities for the visitor. Many points have been developed in and across Corbett to ensure that the people have a variety of option while not disturbing the sanctity of the Jungle.

Places to visit in Jim Corbett-

1. Garjiya Temple –

As it happens in India. The beauty and the spirituality go hand in hand. Even when there was no Corbett National Park, locals from across the area would regularly come to this small place in to pay homage to the beloved deity, Garjiya Mata.

garjiya temple uttarakhand

The temple sits on top of a hill which is on the bank of the river. The area has always been home to wildlife animals. The locals believe that by Garjiya Mata protects them from the wrath of this wildlife.

2. Corbett Water Fall

Corbett waterfall is an excellent place for anyone looking for a chilled out picnic spot. The point is the darling of many visitors who come through this route. The water is fresh and clean. Due to very recently imposed government restrictions, you are not allowed to take a bath in the waterfall. You can enjoy the surreal waterfall sitting across it.

3. Jim Corbett Museum

The Jim Corbett Museum is located in the Kaladungi choraha (Choti Haldwani). Kaladungi was the summer home of the great conversationalist and local hero Jim Corbett.

places around corbett

The place has been well-maintained bu the authorities. At a cheap cost, you can hire a guide from the village who can educate you about the life of Jim Corbett. The place also has a small shop which sells items related to Jim Corbett

4. Bijrani Zone –

Bijrani Zone is the closest to Corbett City, Ramnagar. The area was once a part of shooting block where Brits and Royalty used to come for hunting. It is very popular among the tourists due to its proximity from the nearby resorts. The entry to Bijrani zone happens through Amanda Gate. The area is filled with wildlife spotting deer, elephants and birds surround you in your journey to Bijrani Zone.

5. Dikhala Zone –

Dikhala Zone is probably the most wanted zone in the Corbett. Here, more than any other area, you have a chance to see the tiger in its natural environment. Dikhala is located in the Patil Dun Valley and provides uninterrupted vistas of the wild to its visitors. In addition to the impressive view of the valley while river Ramganga gives you the serenity few other places in Corbett.

6. Jirna Zone –

Jirna Zone is located in the south of the Corbett City. The rest house is on the way between Kalagarh and Ramnagar.  You might have less chance to meet the tiger, but you will have an ample opportunity to be on your own in the wild. The birds like Peregrine Red-Headed Vulture, Falcon,  Cinereous Vulture, are easy to spot in Jirna Zone.

7. Marchula –

You might have to travel from Kumaun to Gharwal, all in the vicinity of Corbett National Park. The place  is favorite for anglers and people who are seeking solitude. The scenic beauty of the Ramganga river  is enchanting. An ideal location to relax and perhaps go for a Picnic.

8. Mohan –

Mohan lies in between the road from Ramnagar to Almora. The area has been famous for a notorious man-eater name “Mohan Leopard.” The place has a few guest houses and small eating station which provide excellent traditional food which shouldn’t be missed at any cost.

9. Pawalgarh Corbett

Pawalgarh is a distant nephew of the more flamboyant Corbett National Park. The place is any birders paradise.

pawlgarh corbett

Pawalgarh is a unique introduction to the life of villages in the hills. It is getting popular for homestays and camping. There is also a school on organic farming. The villagers are very welcoming.



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