Places to visit in Jageshwar

Jageshwar is said to be the place where once Lord Shiva lived. With the religious and the calmness of the place Jageshwar is one of the best holiday destination. Places to visit in Jageshwar are Jageshwar Mahadev temple, Maha Mrityunjaya temple etc.

Jageshwar is the place which resisted the language and western culture, it is known for own aura. Dense deodar forest and gargling Jata Ganga which flows through the temple adds to the beauty of the place.

The place is ideal for the people who want to meditate. Jageshwar village has its own old charm of stone roof household and the beautifully engraved wooden doors. Blue colored windows, white muddy walls and many more colors adds to the traditional village.

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Being the abode of Shiva, Jageshwar has many temples and offers many more religious places to visit. Jageshwar as of now have around 124 temple build with stone. Jageshwar was once called as the fifth dham, which is now lost in the commotion. Below are the best nearby places one can explore.

Places To Visit in Jageshwar:

Jageshwar Mahadev is the main and primary temple in Jageshwar. This temple is dedicated to Baal Shiva or Child Shiva. The name is backed by an interesting tale which says when Lord Shiva came here to meditate, knowing this women’s of the village left everything and came here just to have his darshan.

When the men of the village heard about this they were enraged and went to see who the sadhu was who attracted their womens. Seeing the disturbance Lord Shiva took the figure of a child. Since then the lord is worshipped in the form of child here.

jageshwar mahadev temple

The temple has one of the incredible architecture one can found in Jageshwar. In this temple Shiva is worshipped in the form of Nagesh/Jagesh. Entering the temple the door is gaurded by two dwarpal’s “Nandi” and “Skandi”.

The temple has Shivlinga in its premise which is divided into two parts – the larger one portray’s Siva and the other one his wife Parvati. Temple has a statues made up of asthdhatu (eight metals) which stands behind the Shivling.

  • Dandeshwar Temple

Situated just 200mts from Artola village Dandeshwar temple lies between Jageshwar temple and Vriddha Jageshwar. This temple is now in unsound condition and resides somewhat uphill from the Jageshwar Temple. From this area the holy journey begins.

  • Jhankar Saim Mahadev Temple

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This is also one of the famous temple of Jageshwar located in its south. The temple has its legend saying that when Lord Shiva was doing his “Tapasya” demons did whatever they can do to get in his way. Seeing this Lord Jhankar came as “Trinetra” to kill the demons.

  • Mirtola Ashram

This ashram was built by Krishna Prem along with his Guru Sri Yashoda Maa in 1930. After Yashoda Ma passed away the Krishna Prem was in charge of the ashram. Later who was joined by Shri Madhav Ashish. The ashram is located in Almora district of Uttarakhand. This is one of the best place to find the peace of mind.

  • Maha Mrityunjaya Temple

Maha Mrityunjaya is dedicated to Mrityunjaya Mahadev meaning “The God who win over Death”. This temple is the largest and oldest of all the temples. The temple has linga in its premises which is worshipped as the saviour from death. It is said the linga saves its devotees from unnatural death. It is also believed that Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is so powerful that one who recites it leads to the self-realisation. The Mantra erase all the evils and negativity in one.

  • Vriddha Jageshwar

Vriddha Jageshwar is located slightly uphill from the main Jageshwar around 3km. It is believed that Shiva lived here before he came to Jageshwar. The best thing about both the Jageshwar is that the astounding peace emerge from the place.

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  • Archaeological Museum

This museum preserves superb sculptures from the nearby temple which dates back from 9th to 13th century AD. Run by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) the museum houses worth to watch statues as “Dancing Ganesha”. If you have an interest in Indian history then this is best place to explore nearby Jageshwar.

  • Lakulisha Temple

Lakulisha is one of the incarnation of Lord Shiva. Shiva is said to be the first teacher who taught Pasupata Philosophy.

  • Pushti Devi or Pushti Bhagwati Maa

The main deity of the temple is Goddess Devi or Pushti. This temple has a statue of Goddesses in its premise.

  • Kuber Temple

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One of the another places to visit in Jageshwar is Kuber. It is considered as the God of Dhan(money). It is generally worshipped during the festive season of Diwali on Dhanteras. This is the only Kuber Temple in Kumaon region located at Jageshwar. From this temple you can see the cluster of 124 Temples of Jageshwar.

  • Jaggannath Temple

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Jaggannath Temple is another places to visit in Jageshwar. It is one of the temples in Jageshwar featuring the impressive carvings and statues. The temple is guarded by the statues of dwarpals in the door and also have the statue of Ganesha.

  • Airavat Gufa

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Airavat Gufa is located close to the Jageshwar temples. It is believed that an Elephant named Airavat when came to earth from heaven first stepped in this cave. One can find foot prints of the elephant inside the cave.

  • Vinayak Kshetra

Another places to visit in Jageshwar is Vinayak Kshetra. The name itself suggest Vinayak means “Sacred” and Kshetra means “Area”, so this is the place from where the holy area begins. It can also be seen as the place from where the temples of Jageshwar starts.



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