Pindari Glacier Trekking Guide

The trek to Pindari glacier trek is probably the most renowned trek in Uttarakhand. Pindari being the most accessible and the lodging facilities available by the authorities have made sure that both the solo and group trekkers find it an enjoying trek.  If you are an avid trekker and you haven’t been there probably you should. If you are someone who is just starting your wondering in the Himalayas, Pindari might be the best trek to start from. The vistas from Pindari Glacier are visually striking. So for all trackers who have still not visited Pindari here is Pindari Glacier trekking guide to help you reach and enjoy your trek to Pindari.

Once I was attending a seminar by Mr. Anup Sahji who is an avid traveler, naturalist, birdwatcher, have been credited with discovering many species in the Lesser Himalayas. He recalls that the trek to Pindari was once not so easy, the well-paved roads weren’t there, there were no guest houses. “It was much of an adventure back then” he recalled with a sense of nostalgia in his face. Suddenly his expression became much serious as he said: “The glacier is dying.” “It is not one-half of what it used to be back then”.

pindari valley bageshwar

Who can do Pindari Trek?

The route is very popular among school students May and June.The dhabas and the guesthouse remain filled in these se asons. There are pilgrims who travel across the year, Pindari being one of the main tributary to the Holy Ganges.

When we were on our first trek to Pindari ( an ode to the Pindari Glacier).  I was reading an article, the writer have beautifully penned the first view of the Pindari, “as if the ocean has somehow  frozen in time”. The words came back to me when I witnessed it for the first time.

Pindari Glacier Trekking Guide:

The river is never early, it never too late, it is always the same. The trek to Pindari is not much but to listen to the songs of the Pindar River. The gushing torrents of the Pindar river always accompany you on your trek to Pindari. Enroute to Pindari Glacier, you will come across forever changing landscapes Rhododendron forest, grass lands and one of many waterfalls.

The one well defined trail moves slowly from Pindari. The vistas change as one enters Dhakuri Khal with impressing viewing of the southern part of the Nanda Devi Sanctuary. The views from the Pindari Glacier are enchanting to the first time reviewer.

When to do Pindari Trek?

According to Pindari Glacier trekking guide, the glaciers opens for trekker from Mid March. In the months of march and april one should expect some residual snow. The Mid June marks the beginning of the monsoon season in which one would be well advised not to climb Pindari. The second lag of the season starts with mid september and end with October.

Pindari Trek Duration:

A few years ago, the trek began at Loharkhet which meant the Pindari Trek was of 8 days and 8 nights. Now since the roads have find their way till Khati village. The trek has been reduced to 5 nights and 6 days.

Accomodation at Pindari Glacier Treks:

There are several guest-houses and homestays which have cropped up along the Pindari Glacier. Don’t be too dependent on them. They might not be free. In that case camping is still the best way too get along Pindari.

What to bring at Pindari Glacier Trek?

Here is Pindari Glacier Trekking Guide in which you will find all the things you need to bring for trekking. Pindari Glacier can be done without any equipment. Solo trekkers and first trekkers must carry the needful which are a tent, a stove, cooking gear. This provides the trekker to cope up with an unplanned situation.

Also enabling them the luxury to camp at a serene spot. There are private lodges and dhabas on the way but these are heavily packed during peak season. If you don’t have a trekking gear. You can hire one from Khati or Nainital at reasonable prices.

Where to stay in Pindari Glacier Trek?

There are homestays and guest-houses on the way to Pindari. One would be well advised not to be completely dependent on these. You should arrange for camping equipments for your way. At the top KMVN has setup guesthouse in Phurkiya which charge nominal fee of Rs 300 per person for stay.

pindari trek route bageshwar

Pindari Glacier Trekking Guide Itinerary:

Check out the Pindari Glacier Trekking Guide itinerary and discover what all things will you do in your 7 day trek to Pindari. Places you will visit during your trekking and where you will stay during your trek.

Day 1: Kathgodam to Loharkhet:

Pick up from Kathgodam railway station early morning.And drive to Loharkhet, (the starting point of the majestic trek) via Almora and Bageshwar. Loharkhet is at a height of 1760 m above sea level. Overnight in Loharkhet.

Day 2: Loharkhet to Khati via Dhakuri (19kms):

The majestic trek starts from Loharkhet. The trail through an wild and dense rhododendron and oak forest and horse chestnut and small streams lead us to a scenic valley of Dhakuri, a valley surrounded by lush green forest.The top gives a magnificent view of Himalayan range like, Trishul, Devtoli, Maiktoli and Nanda Khat.

Khati (2210 m) is the largest village in this trek route and is situated in the banks of majestic river Pindar Ganga. The hospitality by the people here is extreme as the tranquility of the place and legends says that they are the descendants of the race of the people who provided shelter to the pandavas duruing their exile.
Overnight stay in tents/huts.

Day 3: Khati to Phurkiya via Dwali (16 km):

The trail today initially is downhill till reaching to the mighty Pindar river and then follows alongside with the roar of the river. The trail is full of thick forest of pine, apple and oak trees.Steep climb some times a bit challenging but again the tranquility of the place and many never ending streams of spring and crossing long bridges will make you going.

Dwali is situated on the bank of confluence of the river Kafni and Pindar. Dwali gives a unique view of majestic Nanda Devi East to the north. The next destination Phurkia is just 5 km from here but has its part of ups and downs with a sudden change in the vegetation, from big trees to ground hugging bushes. Overnight stay in tents/guesthouse.

phurkia pindari trek

Day 4: Phurkia to Zero Point and back to Dwali (17km):

Today finally the trail will be meeting its end point the Pindari Glacier. After breakfast we will heading towards the zero point. The view throughout the path is spectacular, on your left views of Mt Baljuri, Mt Panwali Dwar are stunning. In the final stretch of the trek lies a stone house of Pindari Baba and back to Dwali.

(for the sunrise view over the snow capped peaks and the glacier one has to getup early and head towards the zero point). And back to Dwali. overnight stay in tents/guesthouse.

Day 5: Dwali to Khati (11km):

One again enjoy the hospitality  of the villagers in Khati. Share your own stories with the other upcoming trekkers. Enjoy the star gazing (on a clear night).

Day 6: Khati to Loharkhat:

Enjoy the final trail of 19 km on the way back home. Overnight stay in tents/guest house.

Day 7: Loharkhet to Kathgodam:

With heavy hearts but with amazing memories from the trip we go back to Kathgodam.

How to reach Pindari Glacier Base Camp?

Discover the route to base camp via Pindari Glacier Trekking guide. As now the base camps have been shifted to Khati Village. Most of the trek operators are offering their services from the same. It will consume most of your day to reach here from Nainital which is popular tourist destination.

By Roadways:

The nearest major bus station is Bageshwar. The buses fare available from Haldwani, Bhowali, Almora and ISBT Anand vihar to Bageshwar. There are few buses and shared cabs that runs on Bageshwar – Katti route.  You might have to hire a cab of Rs 500 to get there if you are at odd hours.

Nainital to Khatti Route: Nainital– Bageshwar- Loharkhet- – 225kms.

Delhi to Khatti Route: Delhi – Kathgodam – Bageshwar – Loharkhet – 450 kms

By Railways:

The nearest railway station is kathgodam which is at a distance of 230kms away from Loharkhet

By Airways:

The nearest airport is  Pantnagar at a distance of 280kms form Loharkhet



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