Pawalgarh – 3rd Conservation Reserve of Uttarakhand

Pawalgarh is a small conservation reserve situated in Kumaun region of Uttarakhand. It is located at a distance of 18km from Ramnagar. Pawalgarh is recognized as 3rd tiger conservation reserve of Uttarakhand. It is popular among tourists who likes to experience the tranquility of nature & forests.

Pawalgarh is the little cousin for the more pompous Corbett National Park. In focus to the elegant Bengal Tiger, much gets lost in the background. The small village is that lost experience filled with the incessant beauty for those who are looking.  Pawalgarh was turned into a Conservation Reserve in the year 2012.

“We don’t receive a lot of new tourists, but a lot of our guest keep coming back to us” says Rajesh from of Hornbill Camp.

The village since then has been making a name for itself in the heart of Nature Lovers and wildlife enthusiast. The area has been historically famous because of bachelor of Pawalgarh, an abnormally large Bengal tiger, which was hunted down by Jim Corbett.

The place is known for its welcoming villagers, an organic foods school, few camps and a lot of calm and scenic beauty. It is merely a chance of co-incidence that to Pawalgarh has escaped the commercialization of nature tourism. The place has preserved its sanctity and still if governed by the rules of nature and not of men.

The Uttarakhand Bird Spring Festival is also organized in Pawalgarh which is attended by thousands of people from all over India. The event is organized by the state’s Forest Department. Pawalgarh has gained great number of eyeballs in annual fests. The very successful initiative is in its fourth leg now.

Geography of Pawlgarh:

The region has by three different rivers, the main river being Kosi, Dabka river during the Balu rivers in the east. You might be anywhere in the village, and you can hear the meditative sounds of the gushing river.  The area is covered by dense forest from all spheres. The area is rich in biodiversity with dry sal and mixed forest.

Biodiversity in Pawalgarh:

The rich biodiversity makes standout. They are including tiger, barking deer, elephant and over 350 species of birds, including the iconic Great Slaty Woodpecker. Some of the villages that surrounding Pawlgarh are Chhoi, Kyari, Sherpur, Sonjala.

Things to do Pawalgarh:

pawalgarh activities

Pawalgarh is the nature lovers delight. You cannot have an itinerary for a place is like this. What you can do is follow a trail which will take you to a river or to virgin forests which are worth exploring. You can take this ride with a local who will educate you about the birds in the region, or you might see a footprint of the big cat.

If you are the adventure, there are plenty of option available for soft adventure here. You can indulge in activities like rappelling, valley crossing, rafting down a canal, ladder climbing and mountain cycling. These will enrich your experience of living in Pawalgarh.

Much of the village in the area are involved in activities like agricultural farming,  horticulture forestry, handicraft. These are very welcoming folks who will welcome you into their lives and their hearts with open arms. The simple minded folks have often deepest philosophies of a life well live. You can also indulge in activities of angling here.

Birding in Pawalgarh

pawalgarh birding group

Pawalgarh is a birders paradise. If you are not a birding fan, you might well read ‘Why Birding?’ to get you interested in birding. As mentioned earlier, it is a home to over 350 species of birds.

The ten new species of birds were added to the list Lesser Fish Eagle, Yellow-crowned Woodpecker, Brown Dipper, Taiga Flycatcher, Ashy-throated Warbler and Nepal Wren Babbler are some of the new additions to the list. This place is often visited by seasoned birders from Kumaun and Garhwal area. The experts from local including Rajesh and Naveen are specialists in this area.

Food options at Pawalgarh

The food here is traditional. The vegetables used are organic and fresh. The hill masalas can turn any curries into an experience of a lifetime. The food is served with a healthy dose of warmth and hospitality.

Where to stay at Pawlagarh?

stay in pawalgarh

There is a variety of options remain in this reserve. The ones that suit with the ethos of the place are the homestays and the camp. The Camp Hornbill has earned a
name for itself providing a camping experience which will be very earthy and close to nature. The are also homestays arranged here in collaboration with village folks. Such initiative adds to the richness of experience over the traveler and adds to the local economy. All this without little or no cost to nature.

How to reach Pawalgarh?

how to reach pawalgarh

It is well connected by roads and easily accessible at all times. The Sitavani road lies between Ramanagar and Kathgodam Highway. It is  16kms from Ramnagar.

By Road: The nearest bus station to Pawalgarh is Ramnagar which at a distance of 16kms.

By Rail: The nearest Railway station to Pawalgarh is Ramnagar. A direct train to Ramnagar runs from Delhi (Ranikhet Express). Alternatively, you can reach up to Haldwani / Kashipur /Kathgodam and come to Ramnagar via road.

By Air: The nearest Airport to Pawalgarh is Pantnagar at a distance of 60kms.

Pawalgarh Location

The google map of Pawalgarh is given below.



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