Paragliding in Nainital has become synonymous with amazing vistas with a touch of thrill for youngsters . Paragliding is an Adeline driven adventure sport where a person glides through the air using a wide canopy, a fabric wing that’s made up of a large number of interconnected cells. Sometimes you can already experience your first solo flight on the first day but this is often not until the second day. In paragliding,  pilot “takes off” from an elevated position, usually the top of a hill , it uses wind forces to help him maintain flight — sometimes even gaining altitudes! Throughout the flight, the pilot sits in a harness suspended below the wing.

Nainital is the fast emerging tourist destination of Kumaun region of Uttarakhand. The adventure activities are conducted in Bhimtal region of Nainital District. The real pride of this place is Bhimtal Lake which attracts the most. In addition to that Bhimtal lake is larger then the Nainital lake, making it the largest lake in the Kumaun region of Uttarakhand. It is has become hotspot for young students aspiring their career in the lap of nature. The joy of living in nature has endless pleasure that gives an everlasting experience. Bhimtal is a lake town at an altitude of around 1371 meters.


Paragliding in Nainital FAQs

Is paragliding safe?

Paragliding, like any other adventure sport, has its associated risks. It is well promoted by Nainital Tourism with high standards of safety. To operate safely in any kind of aviation environment one must strive at all times to minimize those risks. The most important pre-requisites to learning to fly safely are: pilot attitude, competent instruction, and safe equipment. If these conditions are met the slow speeds and inherent stability of paragliders can provide a safe and easy way to experience the realization of one of humankind’s oldest and greatest dreams: personal flight.


Do you jump off a cliff?

To begin with, we don’t jump off anything. Paragliders are usually launched by running off of moderate slopes with the glider inflated until you are lifted off your feet.

How high do you fly?

In training you will start out just skimming the ground. As you progress and become more skilled and confident you will probably want to go higher. It depends on which place in Bhimtal or operator you are opted for.

Is a paraglider the same thing as a parachute?

No. A Paraglider is similar to a modern, steerable skydiving canopy, but different in several important ways. The Paraglider is a foot-launched device, so there is no “drouge” ‘chute or “slider”, and the construction is generally much lighter, as it doesn’t have to withstand the sudden shock of opening at high velocities. The Paraglider usually has more cells and thinner risers than a parachute.

How much does a Paragliding cost in Nainital?

This varies between makers, models, and countries, but a middle of the range canopy and harness will normally cost somewhere in the region of Rs 1200 to Rs 2500.

How long does a Paragliding last?

It again depends on the location and the operator you have opted for. Keeping the various parameters in mind which include weather and the que. It might take somewhere 15-20 minutes.

Why should I book my paragliding in nainital trip in advance?

There might be various reasons for that. In season time there is a long que of customers. One can save time by booking their slot in advance. In paragliding such as in other tourism business there are many middle man evolved. You can significantly cut your cost by coming to as. The larger the group improves you bargaining strength. Our vehicle  can pick you up from anywhere from Bhimtal. We have been the pioneers of adventure tourism in this region and have best services in terms of our gladiators, location and service experience. We believing in delighting our consumer.

How much in advance can I book my paragliding trip?

You can call us a day before or in the morning  for a group less that twenty people. For more than twenty people we need to be informed two days before the paragliding trip.

Is it for me?

Its for everybody who is a youngster (at heart). We have seen over the years seen many people who approach us with hesitation and leave with eyes gleaming with courage. Our moderators do the best on educating our clients and make sure that they are absolutely comfortable. We have many clients who were absolutely dreadful at first, even nauseatic but they keep coming back to us. The only barrier is your weight which should be less than 70kgs.

Where to contact for paragliding?

You can drop us a mail on You can also whatsapp/call our moderator in Bhimtal Mayank(+91-9719969919).



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