Nainital Mall Road Places to Vist Nainital Tourism
Photo Credits: Amit Sah

It’s won’t be appropriate to mention “Mall Road” under the places to visit in Nainital. It is because if you are in Nainital even for the day, you would unequivocally have to go through Mall Road. You just can’t escape it. Nainital Mall Road was constructed by British during the colonial period.

The legend is true in the British era the Lower Mall Road was used by the natives while the Upper Mall Road was reserved for Britishers. It runs parallel to the lake and connects Mallital (Upper Nainital) to Tallital (Lower Nainital). Mall road was later renamed as Govind Ballabh Pant Marg, who was the first chief minister of Uttarakhand.

Mall Road is undoubtedly the most happening place in the town, where people click selfies in the backdrop of Naini Lake. Be it the Narayan Candle Shops, Naini Billiards, CCD, Machan Resturant, Ice Cream Parlour to the small Pheri walas who are selling Devil horns, Bhuttas, American Corn, Selfie Sticks, Tuts and Decoration items.

Mallroad Nainital Places to Visit

 The number of people may vary as per  season; the decibel levels are clearly loudest here than any other part of the city. There are many reputed hotels in mall road. Some of the best restaurants are in Nainital are in Mall road which presents you with exquisite cuisines, warm hospitality and of course splendid view of the lake.

You can enjoy your meal or sip coffee looking at the lake which is reflecting the row lights dancing in the waves is a mysterious fantasy. The fashion quotient tends to be high on the mall road. There are multiple shopping options also available in Mall road from Pine handicrafts to Victorian EraClocks, from Woodland to Sardar Sons which has a exquisite clothing collection. Mall road has it all.

Some of the cheapest hotels in Mallroad are Hotel Ankur Plaza, Hotel Happy Home, Hotel Central, Lakeside Inn, Hotel New Bharat, Palace Hotel.

Some of the best hotels in Mallroad are Classic The Mall, Elphinstone Hotel, Alka The Lake Side Hotel, Grand Hotel, Hotel Prim Rose.

Traffic Rules at Nainital Mall Road:

Road Entry of heavy vehicles is completely prohibited on the mall road. According to new laws the from 6 P.M – 8 P.M the upper mall road (Going from Mallital to Tallital) remains closed for any vehicles. There are a toll tax that is levied for incoming vehicles have to pay to enter mall road.

Mallroad Nainital Ricksha Places to visit in Nainital

The Ricksha wala will charge you Rs 10 per person from Tallital and Mallital and visa versa. Parking is strictly prohibited on mall road, except for hotels which provide you parking space, at all time.



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