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Nainital, nested in the foothills of Himalayas, is among the best honeymoon destination in Nainital. The small hill station is perfect getaway to couples who are looking to celebrate love. It has been ranked among the top 5 places for Honeymooners, countless couples come here and found themselves lost in each other in the lap of nature.

Some reasons what makes Nainital the best honeymoon destination in India-

7The Landscape


Nainital promises its visitor serenic views. These views will not cease to amaze you and you cannot cease to sign looking at them. The Nainital Lake with its graceful willows encircling the emerald mountains. The lake that is the centerpiece, to the wreath of Nainital. The landscape is just mesmerizing.

6Beautiful Sunsets

Sunsets gives meaning to moments. They are one of the most romantic thing and trust me the are beautiful from certain points. It’s totally worth it to reserve a dawn with your love for sunsets. As the sun goes down one gets behind the mountains; one gets to witness the hill station turn into an enchanting, alluring fairyland.


The lake provides an excellent place to glare upon while holding hands and the boating experience will leave you mesmerized. At night The lake reflecting the row lights dancing in the mysterious an enigmatic fantasy.


4Long Walks

There are many roads less travelled in Nainital . Walk the talk seems to be an excellent way to revitalize your love. When you are in a mood to get festive. Mall road provides an excellent place to imbibe the energy of the crowd and breathe in a little bit of local culture.


3Video Game Parlors

Game Parlors might not be the first option that comes to mind when you think about couples. But Research shows that doing thing together to meet a common goal can immensely help strengthen the bond between you too, place they are great fun.


2Things to do in Nainital

Nainital Honeymooner enjoy excellent place for both the adventure junkies and for those who those who like spent their time in peace. There are n number of activities that you can do as a couple which includes ropeway, visit Hanumangarh, cave garden, Horse Riding and ‘7 points to visit in Nainital’. There are also a lot sightseeing place to visit near Nainital.


1People and Environment

Couples have been coming to Nainital to celebrate their relationships at various points. The locals are well aware of the tradition. There is little to none moral policing. Couples can move in public spaces without catching much attention. This healthy environment is quite welcoming to Honeymooners.



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