Mussoorie Weather

Mussoorie Weather – Forecast for Local Weather

Ruskin Bond famously said Mussoorie is for the affairs of the heart. Mussorie has been a darling holiday destination of the elites and the commoners alike mostly for its cool zephyrs, scenic beauty, gay social life and entertainment. The excellent climate makes it an attractive holiday resort.

Their is a local saying for mussoorie weather “Bombay ka Fashion aur Mussoorie Ka Mausam badalta rehta hai”. The weather in Mussoorie keeps changing. Mussoorie receives mid day showers in summer and a freezing winters. The weather remains pleasant in the summers which pulls the maximum crowd. A much needed respite from heatwave in the summers.

The climate change is taking its toll on weather of Mussoorie especially in the higher altitudes. The summer of 2016 saw the water level of the lake drop to an alarming level. The snow in the last few years have been a less frequent visitor.

1) The Summer

The Summer season generally starts around “13th February and ends around 12th June”. The Month and April are the main months for summer season and the atmosphere is generally dry. There is a stormy weather high in the Himalayas and a little rain between “15 May to 15 June”. The peak season is around this time. It is an excellent time so seek much needed respite.


2) The Monsoon

weather in mussoorie

The monsoon as per monsoon weather reports starts around “15 june and ends around 12 October”. In the main rainy season between “17 July to 18 August”, the rain fall is the rain fall may be continuous for 4 to 5 and this continuous rainfall is known as “JHAD”.

3) The Winter season

The Winter season is ideal to visit Mussoorie if you are a snow lover. The season starts around 13th of October and and remains till “12th of the month February. During January and February” snow fall takes place in high altitude area.



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