milam glacier trek
Milam Glacier Trekking

Milam Glacier Trek

The Miliam Glacier is of the most famous glaciers in the Kumaun Region. The remoteness of the region makes it one of the most exotic and mystique of Uttarakhand. The glacier is located on the south-facing slopes of the main Himalayan range in north-west Gharwal. It descends from the slope of the ridge connecting the towering Trishul and Kholi peaks. If you love trekking and you have not yet experience Milam Glacier Trek, then you haven’t done real trekking at all.

Milam Glacier Trek Travel Information

LevelMedium level
Duration11 days
Best Season(May- June, September- October)
Total Distance:114kms.
Max Altitude:3600 m
Base CampMunsyari (60km from Millam Glacier)


milam glacier trek

Milam was part of the Indo-Tibetan trade and once an important trading post that the path is well laid as it is the main supply line for the Indo – Tibetan Border. The route is mostly along the Gauri Ganga and no steep gradients. The entire course is filled with thick forest and abundant wildlife. As you move up it becomes progressively drier and deserted.

It was closed due to Indo – China war of 1962. It was only after 1993 that this area reopened for trekkers and tourist. Before China attacks on Tibet, this was a very busy route in Indo-Tibetan business. Milam which held more than 500 households. Many of which were occupied by wealthy traders. The area used to surrounded by Barley and Potato fields now is reduced to a handful of cottages.

The trek is moderate, with some sustained steady walking but not steep gradients or altitude problems. The route is some of the remotest regions of Himalaya with spectacular scenery and plentiful wildlife.

Milam Glacier Tour Iteniary:

Day 1 – Pick up at Kathgodam to Munsyari (via Almora, Jageshwar, Berinag, Thal)

Distance: 300 kms

Let the twiddling roads of Kumaun swirl away all your worldly anxieties and frustration, preparing for you vistas that wait for you in Pithoragarh. The delicacies and warm hospitality of the Hill folks will be all the acclimatization you will need for this one.

khuliya top

Awe-inspiring view of Nanda Devi Peaks and Nanda Kot give you an insight on what to expect. Eat an exotic fish mixed with Himalayan Herbs in Sheraghat. Fall in love at first sight with the Panchachuli. Witness your first moon rise over the Panchachuli.

Day 2 – Munsyari Lilam Village (1850m)

Distance: 7-8 km

The first day of trekking depends upon whether or not one decides to take the taxi to Seolite. You have to follow the Gori Ganga River. One crossed Jimigar through the bridge and made steep ascend for Lilam.

The houses here are very different from that of stone houses of Millam Village. Dhabbas are available on the way to Ascend become involved as the trek as Lilam approaches at the end. The beautiful waterfalls and caves give the much-needed respite. A tiny rest house awaits for a convenient halt or camping grounds for the first night.

milam glacier trek

Day 3 – Lilam Village Bodgyar Village (2,608m)

Distance: 14 kms

For Lilam the trail enters the spectacular 25 km long gorge. Etched into the cliff face above Gori Ganga the hillsides above covered in dense bamboo thickets and mixed rainforests.

After the junction of Ralam and Gori Ganga rivers the track climbs to a tea shop at Radgari then goes on the small Rest house at Budiyar (2700m). A memorial commemorates villagers and army personnel lost in the avalanche of 1989. Only a few houses remain on the edge of the wasteland.

nanda devi trek

Day 4 – (16km – six hours)

The valley opens up after a steep climb. As soon you cross the deserted villages, you will come across an almost arid landscape. The track goes through the large village of Burpu, backed by the Burpu Peak (6300m) Nanda Devi East enters into view before reaching Ganghar Village (3300m ).

There were sixty families here once now only three remain.  Houses have beautifully carved doors and frame, the carefully walled fields below are deserted.

Villages here was a prominent spot in Indo- Tibet trade of the past, and its root goes back to the ancient silk route.  The villagers are very welcoming which offer best of their drinks and local cuisines. The traditional architecture of the houses is a great attraction.

Day 5 –  Martoli Village – Milam Village – Milam Glacier – Milam Village (3491 m)

Distance- 7kms-3kms- 3kms

From Burfoo village Millam village is only 7kms, and the glacier is only 3kms from Millam village through a rugged terrain. One can start the day with darshan in Nanda Devi temple.

nanda devi east expedition

The beauty of Millam Glacier is a source of ecstasy. A sight that one will cherish throughout life. More than half of Your Journey of Milam Glacies completes here.

Day 6 – Millam Village to Burfu Village – 18 kms

The 18 km downhill treks at a leisurely pace with a bag full of memories. The Burfu village has adequate accommodations. The landscape consists of waterfalls and bugyals.

Day 7 –  Burfu Village to Bodigyar Village (9 km)

With this, we come to the final days of the trek. We stroll slowly on our way back home. The atmosphere is full of light; the group is well in sync with each other. Stories, political and even philosophical discussion are shared.  The bittersweet memories of the ordeal.

milam village

Day 8 –  Bodigyar Village to Lilam Village (12 kms)

The  Bodigyar Village to Lilam Village is the last day of the trek. As one descends 12kms down. The group head makes sure that the downhill treks is done in a smooth fashion and no one gets sprained in the process.

milam glacier trek

Day 9 –  Lilam Village – Munsyari 12 kms

After a desert of first few km, most of this journey is undertaken on a vehicle.

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Permits and Regulation –

A permit needs to be issued from the District Magistrate Office before going for Milam Glacier Trek . The application is processed the same day and there is no charge. The permit will be inspected at the Indo-Tibetean-Boarder-Police checkpoint at Bodgwar and Milam.



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