Man eaters of Uttarakhand

A Man -eater is a tiger which  has been compelled by circumstances and in nine cases out  of the ten due to wounds and in the tenth case due to old age that it turn into a man-eater. The tiger maybe wounded by carelessly being shot or having lost his temper while killing a porcupine. Human Beings are not a natural prey of tigers.  The leopard on the other hand is driven by hunger it eats dead or living or human beings it finds in the jungle. Of the two man eating leopards of Kumaon, which between them killed five hundred and twenty five human beings one follow the outbreak of cholera and other a mysterious disease in 1918. The lack of burials in these epidemics led to change in diets in the leopards. Some of the notorious man-eaters in the history of Uttarakhand are

Man eater of Champawat 

This tiger took a toll of 430 lives (230 in India and 200 in Nepal) during four years (1903-1907) it operated in the area before being killed by Corbett.

Man-Eater of Champawat


Muketeshwar Maneater

The tigress, which lived on Sambar, Kakar, wild pigs had an encounter with porcupine due to quills which had become embedded in her body. She turned into a  man eater and her first victim cutting grass. Its only after her third kill that she was declared a maneater. Corbett was called in only after the man eater had killed 24 human beings. He made use of a machan and a bait and killed the tigress.

Man - Eater of Kumaon


Panar Leopard Maneater

The man eating leopard of Panar had terrorized the people living in the eastern boarder of Almora. The leopard had killed more than 400 human beings. Jim Corbett had to go through difficult wooden hills before he could kill the man eater after having used a buffalo as a bait.

Jim Corbett Man -Eater

The Man eater Leopard of Rudraprayag

One of the most cunning man..eater to be found in Himalayas, it has been credited with more than 120 human kills. For eight years(1918-1926) it had held absolute sway over the area of  five hundred square feet north west of Rudraprayag in Gharwal Region. With this territory, the lives of the villagers were governed by terror for eight years. No one ever sees it. In one instance, out of a sleeping group of people, he kills and carries away the middle sleeper, without so much a waking the others. Superstitious villagers whisper that the leopard not a normal animal but the devil incarnate sent to punish them.The man eater was killed in Golabari on 2 May 1926.

Man - Eater Leopard of Rudraprayag

Chawgarh Man- Eater Tiger

The Chowgarh man eater operated in an area of eastern part of Nainital district. The first kill was on one five December 1925 and last kill 21 march 1930. In 1924 Jim Corbett was called to kill the man eater of Chawalgarh. In all 64 person were killed  by the tiger. Jim Corbett had to stalk for several months before he was able to put the old tiger down.

chwalgarh Man - Eater

Mohan Man-Eater

There was yet another man eater leopard operated in the area of near area of Mohan man-eater credited with more than 24 human kills in Almora district around the same period when Chawgarh Maneater. The Mohan man eater operated in the area of about 40sq miles from high wooden hills down before it was killed by Jim Corbett and his party after a long pursuit and using buffalo as a bait.

Mohan Man - Eater

Man Eater Tiger of Doggadda

The man eater tiger of Doggada near Kotdwara in Pauri Gharwal Region was named Pujari. The leopard was active between July 1997 to March 1978. It was the first time in the country that a man eater was caught alive. The man-eater had taken the lives  of 15 person before getting trapped. It will not be out of place to mention compensation to the families of the victims was given at the rate of Rs 5000 for each adult and Rs 2500 for each child victim.

Man Eater Tiger of Uttarakhand

Nainital Man-Eater

The last man eating tiger known as Bangjhala man-eater was trapped alive on 1 August,1981 in Nainital district. This was for the second time that a man eater tiger was caught alive. It was eight year old, man eating tiger caught by Mr C. B Singh and his party. The tiger was sent to Lucknow zoo.




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