lohaghat weather

Like most of the hill stations in Uttarakhand, Lohaghat features same climatic conditions. Temperatures in this region remains mild all round the year. There no best time to visit Lohaghat, people visit Lohaghat all round the year and spend some of the best days of their lives. The Lohaghat weather remains to just 19 degrees whole the year.

summers in lohaghat

Lohaghat Weather – Best Time To Visit Lohaghat

In summers the region is covered with the flowers of burans (rhododendron) making it a dream like place. Since the Summers starts from late march and last till the end of July. Summers is very charming in this area as the climate remains mild and moderate. Furthermore also summers makes the ideal season to visit Lohaghat hence it is peak tourist season. Here are some of the places to visit in Lohaghat.

lohaghat climate

Rainfall can be expected in this region all round the year. Monsoon in Lohaghat arrives from the early July and ends in September. While this season is considered as the short monsoon season as it only last for three months. The maximum rainfall is expected in the month of August. Lohaghat weather in monsoon season is around 17 degrees.

lohaghat weather

In conclusion, Winters may be biting in Lohaghat and may become harsh in the month of Januanry. January is considered as the coldest month in Lohaghat. Most of all in winters arrive in October and last till the end of February. Finally the average temperatures in winter is generally 8 degrees which may go down to 0 degrees.



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