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Lohaghat is the forgotten town which resides amidst the Kumaon hills. The town features such a climate that attracts most of the tourist round the year. Places to visit in Lohaghat such as Mount Abbott, Meetha Reetha Sahib etc gives such memories which you can appreciate lifetime.

As there are many beautiful town in Uttarakhand still Lohaghat is most searched and popular town of Uttarakhand. Here you can find all the places you should add to your list while give a visit in Lohaghat.

Places To Visit In Lohaghat

Abbott Mount

Abbott Mount is one of the best places to visit in Lohaghat as this town resides at the top of the hill which host abundance of natural beauty. The town also has cottages that spread over the hill also called as the Abbott Mount cottages. All the cottages are build pre independence by John Harnold Abbott, so named the town after him.

abbott mount

The place is must to visit as the town is rich in the Himalayan Wildlife. The lush green fields makes every morning more beautiful. As the town is soaked in morning dew drops, which tickles when you step a foot on the grass.

The town is also known for the most Haunted Bungalow called “Abbey”. Its is believed that a doctor over here does some of the ghastly experiments on folks of the town. Since then a kothri called “Mukti Kothri” is hunted with the spirits of the patients.

Abbott Mount Church


This Church is located in the beautiful hill station at the distance of 7 kms of Abbott Mount, town is named after the Britisher who discovered this place. Church was built in the Colonial architecture. This rustic church was built pre-independence in 1942. Entry is free, but the Church remains closed and the prayers are held once or twice a year.

Mayawati Ashram

best places to see in lohaght

Mayawati Ashram also known as the Advaita Ashram is got its importance since the hindu philosopher Swami Vivekanand’s visit. Ashram is located at the distance of 9kms from Lohaghat and at an altitude of 1940mts. Also the ashram hosts an old library and museum recognised by the Swami Vivekananda. Travellers can stay here in the ashram and can enjoy the Himalayan surroundings.

Pancheshwar Mahadev Temple

Located on the confluence of Saryu and Kali river, Pancheshwar Mahadev Temple is very sacred shrine of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Lord Shiva protects the animals of the nearby villages. In return the lord is offered milk and bells as a bhog. The temple is also known as the Chaumu which is the (Istha Devta).

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People who want to see and know more about the culture of Kumaon can visit Lohaghat during the month of the March to October which is considered as the best time. As many devotees visit Lohaghat from different places. To make your trip more startling, you may try fishing in the banks of the river.

Vanasur Ka Kila

Vanasur Ka Kila also known as the Banasur Fort comes on the way to Bhowali. Located at a distance of just 7kms from Lohaghat. This fort has both mythological and historical importance. From the top of the fort one can have the panoramic view of Lohaghat.

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The legend says that Banasur, the powerful and eldest son of Bali also a great devotee of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was delighted by the devotion of Banasur and in return blessed him with the thousand arms. Later Banasur started misusing his powers and created a chaos in both heaven and hell. Also challenged Lord Shiva to name the person who can defeat him. Siva gave him a Flag and told to hoist in his fort and said the day when this flag will break your close contender will come.

Years passed “Usha” daughter of “Banasur” saw “Anirudh” son of Lord Krishna in her dreams and was in love. Usha’s close friend “Chitralekha” who also has mystic powers abducted Anirudh while in his sleep. Both Usha and Anirudh fell in love and lived happily for months.

One day the flag was broken, seeing it Banasur asked his soldiers to search the whole palace. This unrolled the truth about Anirudh and Usha. Banasur rebuked his daughter which lead to the fierce battle between Anirudh and Banasur. Lord Krishna outraged and took his garuda to battle with Banasur when heard about imprisonment of Anirudh. In which Banasur was defeated and attained moksha.

Devidhura Temple

places to see in lohaghat

Devidhura temple is another among the best places to visit in Lohaghat which is encircled with the beautiful trees and heavy flora and fauna. The temple is famous for hosting ancient temples with the magnificent architectures. A unique mela is held every year on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan which attracts peoples from Kumaon as well as Nepal. The famous story “Temple Tiger” of Jim Corbett’s is associated with these temples.




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