kumaoni holi of Uttarakhand

Holi festival of colors in one the most power packed festival of Hindus in India. This festival of colors is celebrated differently in different parts of the county. In Kumaoni Holi of Uttarakhand you will find different colors of Holi. Holi is symbol of the victory of good over evil in India. It may also be considered as the end of winter season.

Furthermore the Kumaoni Holi of Uttarakhand has several forms like Baithki Holi, Khari Holi and Mahila Holi etc. In most part of Uttarakhand it starts from Basant Panchami and last for about 2 months. The Sukkhi(Dry) Holi is a very peaceful among all the forms, it is the celebration of color and friendship. Many tourists come to enjoy the festivals of Uttarakhand.

As I have grown, the meaning of Holi has changed. When I was a child, eagerly waiting for Holi with my water balloon and aiming my water pistol at adults with supreme confidence. Now it’s going to houses meeting friends who return on Holi vacations.

Lastly the weeks before Holi, traditional Kumauni songs began playing.



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