Kumaon Tour Itinerary

Hello, Nature lovers, Wanderers, Serenity Seekers. It is a lot of discussion with our travel expert; we present you the best route to reach Munsyari. The Delhi – Abbot Mount – Patal Bhubaneswar – Vijaypur – Munsiyari route will make sure that you will get a glimpse of the real Kumaon. In contrast of most of tourist just who just smell and not drink the sweet nectar that Kumaon has to offer. Kumaon Tour Itinerary package is for laid-back travelers who have enough intent and time to take gifts of Nature.

Kumaon Tour Itinerary

Delhi –

Delhi is the starting for point for most courses in North India. The capital of India is an excellent place to wander. It attracts people from diverse cultures. This has made it a bit chaotic but listens carefully, and you will find a pattern. Delhi has an excellent transpiration system, much of it can be credited to Delhi Metro.

Its historical monuments may date back to the tenth century, but the lifestyle here is distinctly modern and cosmopolitan. There are many tourist stops. Some of the popular ones include Lotus Temple, Purana Qilla, Red Fort, Qutab Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Lodi Gardens and India Gate. Also, there are many excellent shopping places in Delhi.

En-route Delhi to Abbott Mount (Day 1) –

abott mount

The first checkpoint is Tanakpur which is a major trading center of the area. You can start your day by having a traditional Kumaoni Breakfast prepared by fresh Ingredients. Enjoy the ever changing of Deodar and Pine forest. Baleshwar Temple in Champawat is a renowned temple. The temple was built by the rulers of  Chand Dynasty. Baleshwar temple has attracted national and international attention due to the brilliant architecture and stone carvings. Besides the local folklore has a special place, Baleshwar Maharaj.

Abbott Mount (Day 2,3) –

The credit for Discovery of Abbott Mount goes to Britisher John Abbott after whom the place is christened.  The para nomic view of the Himalaya which include Trisul, Maillot, Nanda Ghunti and Nanda Devi will leave you mesmerized. Your day will begin by waking up to the chirping birds, sipping tea at the Verandah, taking long walks along the jungle, witnessing magical sunsets. You can enjoy a game of cricket at Abbott Mount’s cricket stadium at just under 7000 ft.

kumaun tour package

For a day’s trip, you can go to Pancheswar. At Pancheswar, there is an international fishing competition held every year. If you manage to catch a mahasheer, you would be an envy of fishers around the world. Mayavati Advaita Ashram is another close favorite. The sanctity of the place is above human. The calm witnessed in the dark woods of deodar makes it difficult for you to leave the area.

There are also cottages which are popularly called as Abbott Mount cottages; These are spread across this hill. Many of them built in pre-independence Era. Abbot Mount Cottage which can provide you with a variety of delights at your request.

Enroute Mount Abbott to Vijaypur (Day 4) –

It would best to start early for this one. There is an excellent spot in between to spent a few hours by the name of Patal Bhuvneshwar. The place goes on to show the power of faith in this country. Patal Bhuvneshwar is famous for its limestone cave. The path for which goes from a long narrow tunnel.

The place can be a little claustrophobic. It is believed that the place is Adobe of 33 thousand Gods. It encompasses Swarg (Heaven), Narg (Hell) and Prithvi Lok (Earth) within it. Kumaon is truly a reverent place.    After having your lunch at Patal Buvneshwar you can move on to Vijaypur.

Vijaypur (Day 5) –

kumaun itinerary

Earlier the place was called Ora. It was only in 1947 when a rich Gujarati merchant came by and set up a tea estate; it was renamed as Vijaypur. There are many tea estates in this part of the land. Most of the tea from here gets exported. There is no escape to the Mighty Himalayas including Nanda Devi (7816m), Nanda Devi East (7434m), Trishul (7120m), Mrigthuni (6855m) and of course the Panchachuli Range.

One can stroll around in the tea garden but not the 200-year-old bungalow which is inhibited. Vijaypur is also a birdwatcher’s paradise where you can find many rare species of Himalayan Birds. You can stay at Wayfarer Resort

Enroute Vijaypur and Munsyari (Day 6) –

An hour’s drive from Vijaypur, Bageshwar is the city of temples.  A mythical place where the line between mythology and history starts fading. It is located at the confluence of the Gomti and Saryu rivers. The tradition is if you tie a bell and make a wish. It will come true.

As a result, the temples are filled with bells of various shape and sizes. Another perfect spot to stop by is the Birthi falls which are 35 kms from Munsyari. The colossal beauty of the waterfall will leave you mesmerized. The fall is a pleasing cascading surrounded with green colors, falling from the height of 126 mts.

Munsiyari (Day 7,8) –

munsyari kumaun uttarakhand

Munsyari is an absolute gem which continues to go unnoticed by modern travelers. Munsiyari is at a great height of 2298 mts above sea level and gives a panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks, the Panchachuli, and its sister peaks are the main attraction of Munsiyari.

Khalifa Top trek is a must do when visiting Munsyari. The place is famous for its pure magnificence and acts as a base for various trekking excursions. As Milam, Namik and Ram Glaciers are the main treks.

Munsyari – Nainital (Day 9) –

You will go back to Delhi from a different route. The route goes through Bageshwar- Almora, and Nainital.  Nainital is a popular tourist destination. It must be checked off in a Kumaon tour. The arrangements are made to stay in a heritage hotel. It is famed for spectacular beauty, sung in lore and legend. Nainital stands out for its ideal resort for all type of Holidaymakers – The Serious, The Curious, and The Pleasure Makers.

Nainital – Delhi (Day 10) –

On the tenth day drive back to Delhi with a bag full of fun memories and gifts from the Uttarakhandli Family.

Kumaon Tour Itinerary Distances Guide:

  1. Delhi – Champawat: 432 km, 10 Hours Drive
  2. Champawat – Abbott Mount: 22 km, 1 Hour Drive
  3. Abbott Mount – Advaita Ashram Mayavati: 20 km, 1 Hour One Way
  4. Abbott Mount – Patal Bhuvaneshwar: 90 km, 3.5 Hours
  5. Patal Bhuvaneshwar – Vijaypur: 53 km, 2 Hours
  6. Vijaypur – Bageshwar: 31 km, 1 Hour One Way
  7. Vijaypur – Munsiyari: 120 km, 4.5 Hours



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