Kempty Fall Mussoorie

Kempty Fall located approximately 15 km from Mussoorie, you just cannot to Mussoorie and not visit the Kempty. It is a popular picnic spot. Yes, it is that important. One of the highlights of Mussoorie. A beautiful waterfall divides into five distinct falls gushing over boulders and rock faces. It is an excellent place to take a refreshing bath.

The lake and falls are mesmerizing. People go there to have a dip in fresh chilled water. There are many restaurants nearby which offer street food. You can see hundreds of people taking a dip at one time. Too much commercialization of Kempty is probably hurting the place.

kempty falls mussoorie

This 12 m waterfall in a beautiful surrounded by mountain. The same trinket stalls, Dhabhas and thumping music, adds to the festive mood of the site.

Kempty Fall Review

The area has a chilling point for lots of people where all the tourist can feel part of the community. Although the place is much more serene with fewer people around. It is a place for a refreshing dip in the waterfall.

Some of the children would wear their bathing suits under their outer clothes, and when you arrive at the falls, they would take off their outer clothes and slide down the falls into a deep pool below. Oh, that is great fun. Nearby, a forest rest house provides accommodation.

Kempty Fall Activities

The Kempty has the general food shops, souvenir shops, and the rest of Carnival. You can get dressed in Gharwali dresses and get photographed with the waterfall as a backdrop. If you get tired of endless selfies and hullabaloo, you can climb the steps leading up from the road along the course of the stream. There is a little rocky dell cleaved by the creek and cooled by the flow.

You can enjoy hiking down in the Fall, which was on the far side of Mussoorie, a hike that would take up two hours each day. It is a long way down to the falls, and it might felt like on the way back up. Buses and Taxis are available between Mussoorie and the falls.

How to reach Kempty Fall?

You can reach the fall by following 14.5 kms following the Yamunotri Road. You would have no problem reaching the spot.


Kempty Fall remain open from 06:00 am – 06:00 pm.

Entry fees:

You don’t have to pay any kind of entry fee to enter in the fall.

Kempty Fall Distance Chart:.

  1. Mussoorie to Kempty Fall – 15 km
  2. Chakrata to Kempty Fall – 66 km
  3. Dehradun to Kempty Fall – 51 km
  4. Kanatal to Kempty fall – 58 km
  5. Dhanaulti to Kempty fall – 48 km



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