Kausani – “The Switzerland of India”

Kausani is a small hill station which is located in the Bageshwar district in the Kumaun Region of Uttarakhand, India. It is popular for its picturesque and exotic panoramic view of Himalayan peaks. With its placidity and impressive scenic location, Kausani has developed itself as a popular hill station of Northern India.

When you are planning to visit Kumaun region of Uttarakhand, this small hill station (village) would be recommended and re-recommended. Kausani, at a distance of 120kms from its rich cousin Nainital, has made a distinct name for itself in the heart of its visitors. What does Kausani offers to travellers? Scenic beauty, Peace, Tranquility and of-course the Himalayas. Except for that there isn’t much. A few restaurants which offer french toast and other munchies. In the off season, Kausani turns into a regular sleepy phari village. The snow cladded peaks of Nanda Choti, Trishul, Nanda Devi and Panchaculi a for your eyes.

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The credit of putting  this small hamlet in the wider tourist map goes to ,none other than, the father of the Nation. In his writings you could clearly see the adoration he shared for  Kausani. For a man who had traveled the world, Gandhiji declared Kausani as the “Switzerland of India“.  From then on, this abode of Mahatma Gandhi in lesser Himalayas have gained much popularity among the poets, painters and photographers who have found these hills very inspiring . The place when Gandhi stayed Anashakti Ashram has become a landmark.  Gandhi Ji wrote a commentary on Shrimad Bhagvat Geeta over here.

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I would again throw in a word of caution here. You should be someone who enjoy nature to enjoy Kausani. If you are the kind of traveller who make checklist of places to see, is in habit of taking selfies, and have a night life. Kausani isn’t for you. You can better go to Ranikhet or Almora, which are much lively and eventful places. For Kausani, you have to take a Chardin like approach who was a master of still paintings.

Why visit Kausani?

Now let me tell you what Kausani does offer. There are countless trails that lead no where in particular, you can walk on them, and return when you get tired. You have to wake up early one day to see the magnificence of morning rays in the Himalayas. Kausani is one place where you will get lot of fresh and organic produce. You have to order some of the mouth watering local cuisines.

In addition to this there are places near by Bageshwar, Gwaldam, Dwarahath, Almora and Ranikhet which can be excellent excursions. Kausani is one of the few hill station in Uttarakhand, which have still to loose its sense of tradition. You can easily encounter a  women dressed in  native costumes, carrying out there daily ch ores, while foreigners sipping tea in the nearest restaurant. This amalgamation of the old and the new makes Kausani worthwhile.

The nearest treks include to Pindari Glacier , Burha Pinnath, Rudrahari Cave Temple Trek, Kafni Glacier Trek are some of the treks doable from Kausordani. The treks vary in length and according to the seasonal requirements.  There is a temple dedicated to Shiva with mirrors in the roofs to catch the sun. The temple is situated on the spur facing snow trident of Trishul.

Into its wilderness there is sightseeing of Kakkar (barking deer), or Ghoral (wild goats). Kausani is now known for snow-caepped view from the peaks. These are best at dawn and dusk for view and are worth staying overnight.

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How To Reach Kausani

Kausani is well connected by roads to Almora, Bageshwar, Ranikhet and Gwaldam towards north. Generally from Kathgodam it takes 4 hr 10 min to reach Kausani its about 134 kms. One can use bus or a jeep to travel which are regular over there. Kausani as a tourist spot is now growing and most of the restaurants and ashrams have been opened since Gandhi Ji’s visit.

Places Near by Kausani

If you ever had a visit to Kausani then we recommend these nearby places to include in your checklist. You can have a single day trip to these places.


At a distance of 37 km from kausani, Bageshwar also known as the “Benares of North”. Located at the confluence of Saryu and Gomti rivers Bageshwar possess religious significance. Bageshwar is popular due to its tradition as being a place of a pilgrimage. A bath in the confluence is considered as purifying, that destroys evils inside you. Hindu pilgrims comes throughout the year to worship an ancient stone Bagnath Temple. Dedicated to “Mahadev” this temple features some impressive carvings and has bells of all the sizes.

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It is the temple dedicated to lord Shiva and holds a strong religious importance among the locales. Situated around 12 km from Kausani it takes about half an hour to reach there.

Baijnath Temple

Situated in the lovely location shaded by trees alongside Gomti river is the Baijnath Temple. This is dedicated to Baijnatha or Vidyanatha ( names of Shiva). About 16kms from Kausani it takes 36 minutes to reach Baijnath Village which is popular for the 12th century shikhara style temples. Only highlight of this village is the statue of Parvati which is made of the black stone.

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Binsar is another name of lord “Shiva”. It is one of the most scenic spots in Kumaun Himalayas and offers a majestic view of some of the snowy peaks of Trishul, Nanda Devi, Shivling and Panchchuli. It takes 2hr 15 min to reach Binsar from Kausani and is about 62 kms route. A home to most of the rare animals Binsar is the encircled with the vast wildlife sanctuary protecting 45 sq km. Also birdwatching is great over here with 200 + species of birds.


Mukteshwar got its name from 350 year old temple Mukteshwar Dham that is dedicated to lord “Shiva” and is located at a distance of 104 km from Kausani. Mukteshwar is derived from Lord Shiva which means one who offers Moksha (Salvation). It is the tourist destination which offers a great view to our Himalayan range. Mukteshwar resides amidst fruit orchards and coniferous forests which are unpolluted and unaffected till date.

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Ranikhet is the hill station which offers everything the nature admirers want. It is located in the Almora district of Uttarakhand state and is 59 km from Kausani. Hill satation Ranikhet literally means Queens Land- and is the tourist spot. It offers great view of Himalayas, its green forests, fresh and cold breeze, singing birds these all adds to the beauty of this hill station.

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