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Binsar is one of the hubs for biodiversity in the kumaun region of Uttarakhand. The place is very popular among the locals who come here for pilgrimage in Bhimeshwar Mahadev temple. How to reach Binsar via bus, trainĀ or flight? Binsar is well connected with roads and can be reached through the route of Ranikhet or via Almora.

The naturalist comes here in search of the diverse flora and fauna. The Binsar Wildlife sanctuary is located at an altitude of 6,170 ft. The Sanctuary came into existences in 1988.

Note: There are two Binsar in Uttarakhand. One is Ranikhet(Soni) Binsar , the other one being the Almora Binsar. Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Almora Binsar.

How to Reach Binsar?

By Road Ways-

Binsar lies at a distance of 35km from Almora and 405 km northeast of Delhi. The buses from Almora leaves at regular times from ISBT Anand Vihar. You can find cabs and buses for Binsar from Almora.

delhi to binsar route

The travelers should reach Almora before 3 P.M. The last buses leave around 3 P.M., as a result, the cab owners might charge a higher amount. If you are traveling a car. It might take around 11 hours to reach Binsar from Delhi

Binsar to Delhi Route-

Follow the National Highway 24 to Rampur by taking the Hapur Bypass, Gajrola which is a favorite break spot for the traveler in the journey. Follow NH87 to reach Kathgodam via Rudrapur. National Highway 87A will take you to the gateway to Kumaon Bhimtal, Bhowali, and Almora and finally to Binsar.

By Railways:

The closest Railway station is at a distance of 112km, Kathgodam. There are regular trains from Delhi to Kathgodam. The tickets to Kathgodam Shatabdi Express are easily available and covers the distance in the minimum time frame and thus is most preferred by tourist.

You will be able to find regular buses and cabs leaving from Haldwani to Almora. Haldwani is 6 kms from Kathgodam.

By Airways:

The nearest airport from Binsar is Pantnagar which is at distance of 160 km.

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