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History of Ranikhet – Ancient History of Ranikhet

Just like the place Ranikhet, history of Ranikhet is very interesting and intrihuing. The word Ranikhet is backed with an interesting story. It is said that Kumaon queen “Padmini” fall in love with the splendid beauty of the place. To fulfill the desire of his queen King Sudhardev build a grand palace for her and named it Ranikhet which means “Queens Land”. However as of now there are no archaeological findings in the place that prove this story.

history of ranikhet

The region around Ranikhet was ruled by the Kumaoni Rulers later it came under British Rule. After that, in 1869 Britishers developed Ranikhet as a hill station for their troops and also established a contentment. Today the Indian Army’s celebrated Kumaon Regiment is headquartered in Ranikhet.

At some time in past Lord Mayo, viceroy of India was also pleased and enchanted with the beauty of Ranikhet and decided to move the summer headqurters of his troops
from Shimla to Ranikhet. Later this decision was dropped. Whatever were the reasons, but its beauty is unquestionable.



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