History of Mussoorie

The History of Mussoorie

The history of Mussoorie starts from its birth. The birth of Mussoorie lies in the colonial period; the question rises What led Britishers all the way from Bengal to find Mussorie and or make it what it is today. Before 1840 Mussorie was out of bound to for the East India Company. Mussoorie came as an answer to the lethal problems being faced by Brits in India.

Mussorie the most representative of Himalayan Beauty among the spots and rightly therefore known as the “Queen of the Hills” is situated at an elevation of 2005m to 2430m. It lies in the first range of Hills, lying east and west Siwaliks on the lateral spurs thrown out in North and South.

Britishers & Mussoorie

The average lifespan of Englishmen in India in those times was a mere 31. The heat, humidity and climate wave of the country is just not suited for Englishmen. Until 1814 the Doon region was under Gorkha Rule. It was only after that when a battle between the East India Company and the Gorkhas. In which East India Company emerged triumphantly, and this area was given to them as war gift by the Tehri King. Due to the same British-Gorkha war, Britishers got their hands on to four hill stations. They were Nainital, Shimla, Mussoorie and  Dalhousie.

The moment Britishers reached Dehradun they saw the mountains for which they were looking desperately. The heatwave that was killing them in plains of India, mountains could be a solace to that. One of the Lieutenants who fought across the Gorkhas Leftenant Young when found Mussoorie. He immediately came to a conclusion, that this area can be a solution to the ailing dying Britishers.

It was after much exploration they decided that the present site of Mussoorie as Santorum became the hideaway of  Britishers. During the initial years, the place was developed by Capt. Young. Also, the first building was constructed near Mullienger.

The office of Surveyor General of India was established in 1832 by Col G Everest in the building still known as the Peak. In 1984 Mr. Makinon opened the first school at Mussorie. In 1936 Christ Church was erected by Rennnie of Bengal Engineers. It was in 1841 the Bombay Club came into existence.

Mussoorie History

Among all the other thing Mussorie was among the first to enjoy the benefits of local self-government, which came into being in 1873. The ex-Amir of Afghanistan stayed here under detention in Bellevue Estate. In addition to that many Dukes, Duchess and several India princes had made attracted to  Mussoorie and ended up Building Summer Residence here.

The first hospital of Mussoorie, the St. Marry’s Cottage Hospital was started in Major Alpine in 1902 for the treatment of poor Europeans. In 1920, the Ford Company negotiated a cart road up to Library for the first time.

Since 1950 the Mussoorians have started an autumn festival to attract more and more tourist. Also, A ropeway (400m) was constructed in 1970 at the cost of 6 lakhs from Library Bazar to Gun Hill. Many other developments has been raised and improved around Mussoorie to attract tourist.



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