gun hill mussoorie

Today one of the main point of Interest. Gun Hill, after Gurkha war of 1823, a shooting box was mounted on this top which was used to be fired herald on midday. People used it to adjust their watches, hence the name Gun Hill.

To go on this hill best way is to buy tickets of the tram which work from the middle of mall road. On the top, there are restaurants, shops and many points to take a view of whole Mussoorie.

Temperature falls a little when you reach on the hill. There is telescope point where you can watch far away with a telescope. A hot cup of tea/coffee with hot Maggie is served to the visitors.

Gun Hill (2530m) enjoys the panoramic view of the majestic Himalaya Ranges via Bandar Puch, Sri Kanta, Gangotri Group, etc. It also provides the bird’s eye’s view of Mussoorie Town, Doon Valley, and Sylvan surroundings.

The most popular time to go up in an hour or so before sunset and there’s mini-carnival atmosphere in the peak season. There are a lot of ridges for kids to play around, small shops that provide a variety of yummy street food.

There also telescopes available through which you can take a closer look at the snow laden mountains. You can also take beautiful snaps in the Gharwali dresses which make you have come from another period. You can also learn magic in a few bucks.

How to reach Gun Hill?

Gun Hill can be approached by one km long bridge path, which forks off to mall road near Hawkman’s hotel.

This journey can be undertaken on foot, or pony, or on the 400m ropeway.

Alternative prospects to the can be had from a peaceful stroll or on a 3km long camel’s back road, which griddles the northern base of Gun Hill.

Gun Hill Ropeway fare:

The roundtrip to Gun hill costs – Rs 75

Gun Hill Ropeway Timings:

Timings of Ropeway – 10 Am to 6 Pm



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