Jim Corbett National Park Tiger Reserve

The Jim Corbett National Park is situated at a distance of 260 Kms from New Delhi. The headquarters of Corbett National Park is Ramnagar. The city is well connected by flight, road or rail with major cities of India like Delhi, Moradabad, Haldwani, Bareilly and Nainital.

Christened After Jim Corbett, the pioneer conversationalist, nature lover, Local Hero, writer and above all a very humble human being, Jim Corbett National Park stands on the epitome of the value of the man himself. Jim Corbett has won a space in the hearts of the Hills Folks. You can read our article on  Memoirs of Corbett. The total area of Jim Corbett National Park is 1288 sqkm and 520 sqkm is the core area.

The nearest town being Ramnagar which is also known as the Corbett City is at a distance of 50kms from Corbett.  Another remarkable feat related to Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary is India’s first National Park. Many would argue probably the best in India. It has only been possible due to such conversational park a small state like Uttarakhand ranks number two in the population for wild cats (Hindu). As a result of which Uttarakhand Tourism has gained much.

Jim Corbett National Park Travel Guide

jim corbett national park travel guide

From the graph above and what we were able to gather from the locals. The tourist in Corbett National Park has suddenly shot through the roof. As a result, many builders and companies have resorts in Corbett today. Another major factor has been its proximity with Delhi.

“It takes around 5 hours to reach here from Delhi. Even if the guy decides to have a vacation at midnight, he can get here by 5 Am, and increasingly many people are opting for that” says Rajeev owner of Hornbill Camps. The weekends are the new peak of any season.

This excessive growth of tourism is a double-edged sword, especially for places with a fragile ecosystem like Corbett National Park. Such a place demand an emphasis on nature over everything else.  Today, Corbett is living in an era of conflict. On the bright side, The Uttarakhand Forest Development Corporation and Uttarakhand high court (Report) has been doing an excellent job in preserving the sanctity of these forests.

Biodiversity in Jim Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary

Corbett is filled with a varied diversity of flora and fauna. The topography of the wildlife sanctuary comprises of Hilly Region as well as riverside areas, mushy depressions, and ravines. The area is surrounded and populated by trees from rhododendron to sal trees in the lower regions. There are more than 110 tree species, 580 bird species, 50 mammal species and 25 reptile species.

Apart from the King of the Jungle, leopard is also found here ; the Himalayan Bears can be sighted in the hilly areas of Corbett, while the sloth bear presides in the lower regions of Corbett. Among other species Chital, Sambar finds refuge found in the Maidans (Grass Lands).

Why Corbett National Park?

Jim Corbett National Park was established to protect the endangered Tigers. The place is filled with the Gentle Beasts. Corbett Tiger Reserve has 215 tigers which are higher than any other tiger reserve in India (Report). Therefore the number one reason for visiting Corbett is to get a glimpse of the King of the Jungle.

Esshh. Don’t get too excited, too soon. As it often happens with the royalty, they are more likely to keep you waiting for long.

“It took me 5 visits to Corbett to get his first tiger sighting” says Soumyajit Nandy (Wildlife Photographer) from  Going Wild.

Don’t worry. Other animals like elephants, Himalayan Palm Civet,  deer,  and other are more than eager to bestow their presence. Although there are many places for birding in Uttarakhand, Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary is just the right place to get you started on some birding activity.

There are an array of activities elephant rides, adventure places; spas have started to flourish in the area. In India, especially in the hills, nature is very close to spirituality. A temple of Garjiya Mata is at the center of Corbett. Mohan, a small hamlet, made famous by the last man-eaters of Uttarakhand is a place to check out. The scenic view of River Kosi are always a welcome site.

If are in Corbett and you didn’t opt for Corbett Safari. Then have you been to Corbett? Safari in Jim Corbett is a must to check off before you end your visit to the national park.  We all know the big cats are very territorial creatures. The first rule of Corbett Park is that you don’t mess with the zones. For the ease of transport of involved the authorities have divided Corbett into various areas and gates. The list present with the different gates through which you can get into Corbett. You have the required permissions to

Various independent agents arrange for safaris inside the Corbett National Park. Their rates might differ according to the season and the bargaining power of the group. That being said the entry fees to the Corbett remains constant. What you are paying for to the agents is the cost of a gypsy. You might book your safari well in advance if you want to good discounts.


Jim Corbett Safari Zones and Booking Information

jim corbett national park

Dikhala Corbett – Dikhala Range is the first among equals when it comes to zones in Corbett. “Nothing sells like Dikhala.” It is situated in the hearth of the Corbett National Park. The entry to this region comes from Dhangadi gate. You will be easily able to see herds of elephants and spot deer passing by. Other animals include the likes Elephants, Hyena, Fox, Barking deer, Sambhar, Barasinga and  Monitor Lizard and even Tigers also.

Jirna Corbett – Jirna is the underdogs of various zones in Corbett. The place is well known for having birds like hornbill, woodpecker, munia, Baya Weaver, bee-eaters, barbet, robin, drongo, thrush, kingfisher, cormorant and much more. The place is a bird lovers paradise. Even if the tiger would not bestow you with its presence, you will enjoy the serenity at Jirna.

Durga Devi – situated at distance of 28km from Ramnagar towards the north east. Much of the area extends on the banks of River Ramganga. This area, because it is less popular, has been able to preserve the natural charm. You might explore the place in the elephant safari or the natural safari. I would recommend you the elephant one. Masheer fish which is also the state fish is found in abundance here.

Bijrani Corbett –  If you are looking for the rendezvous with the Tiger, Bijrani might well be your best pick. It has a proximity with Ramanagar. Thus making it favorite of the visitors. There is wide range of dangling roads which might or might not lead you to a tiger. The terrain is also ideal to get a glimpse of the shrewd leopard in Corbett National Park.

Activities to do in Corbett

Corbett is famous for the avid flora and fauna around the sanctuary. The activities to be done around Corbett area follows the same lines. Some of the favorite activities in Corbett Zone are:

activities in corbett

Angling – “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Angling of the Mahasheer fish in the Ramganga and its tributaries should be a must check off on your list. People, from around the world visit Corbett just to get a glimpse of the tiger of the water.

Camping: The camping activities in the Corbett area has been steadily growing. To experience the wild one has to stay in a camp. The camp promises a life away from the stone made guesthouses. It is an experience that every person visiting Corbett should enjoy.

Birdwatching: The interest in birding is growing throughout the world. Here are the reasons for it in our article why birding. Corbett has about 600 species of bird and a group of keen birdwatchers who will boost your learning pace. Therefore Corbett is an excellent place for it.

Where to stay in Jim Corbett National Park?

The best option remains in a guesthouse inside Corbett itself. These forest houses are managed by a government body and can be booked on their website.   There are an array of resorts which have been popping across Corbett throughout the years. The purpose of uttarakhandli is to promote responsible and sustainable tourism. Therefore, according to us, the best stay in Corbett National Park is in the various camps and homestays around Corbett. They provide their visitors a unique experience which is in harmony with nature.

How to reach Jim Corbett National Park?

By Roadways: Corbett is well connected by the roads and is accessible anytime in the year. The route from Delhi is Delhi-Moradabad-Kashipur-Ramnagar. The National Highway 121 joins Kashipur to Corbett National Park.

By Airways: The closest airport to Corbett National Park is at Pantnagar at a distance of 60kms.

By Railways: Although there is a train station at Ramnagar. It only receives a few trains. Kathgodam is a better alternative which is at a distance of 65kms from Corbett.

Map of  Corbett National Park

Since Corbett expands over 596 sqkm. There are various ways to tackle the beast. The one shown on the Google map of Corbett is the most common.



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