Corbett Falls

The Corbett Falls is must visit for anyone visiting the Corbett or go to Nainital via Kaladungi from Nainital. It might be the refreshing break that you must yearn for especially in Hot summer days. I have fond nostalgic memories of the place. I have come here with friends and on school picnics.

The Fall lies a few km away from Kaladhungi. It is the village of the conservationist Jim Corbett. When you arrive at the gate, you have to talk a walk of 1.5 kms in the Jungle. The stone statues of Elephants excited us when we were little.

Corbett waterfall is not a miniature waterfall that you might have come across on your route. It’s quite big. Dense forest surrounds the scenic waterfall. If there are not a lot of tourist around, this can be a surreal experience. In the presence of crowds it the mood is much more festive and loud.

There were no food stalls inside the periphery of the fall. You might need to take your drinking water and snacks along with you from outside. Although littering around the waterfall is a big NO. You have to take back whatever you brought inside the Corbett Fall area.

How to reach Corbett Falls?

You can go by foot from Kaladungi to the park which is a 4 km leisure walk, or you can hop on any bus going from Kaladungi to Ramnagar. The fall is located on the highway itself. You have to walk further 1.5 km from the gate to reach the park.

Corbett Waterfall location

Corbett fall is located on the main highway between Kaladungi and Ramnagar. There is a big gate you can’t miss it. The google map is below.

Corbett Falls Timing

  • Opening time – 8 AM
  • Closing Time –  5 PM

Corbett Falls Entry Fees

  • Entry Fee: Rs. 50 for an Adult,
  • Rs. 50 for an Adult,
  • Rs. 25 for a Child

Corbett Waterfall Distance Chart:



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