Climate of Uttarakhand

I was travelling in a cab yesterday. The best and the smoothest of openers we sometimes have is to talk about the weather. The climate of Uttarakhand this year (fall of  2015) the lesser Himalayas are going through a dull phase. Even the chilly winters were much warmer than what we locals are use to. There was no sign of snowfall in places like Nainital, Almora, and Mussoori which earlier used to receive heavy snowfall.

The driver in all his innocence blamed it on the evils lurking in our society.”It’s Kalyug” he said “We are getting close to the end”. Global Warming which is often discussed about in AC rooms down in the big cities. Whereas we, in the hills, are left most vulnerable to climatic changes. The Glaciers are melting. The monsoon isn’t showing up. Temperature is rising. These are about time one should start taking about climate.

Uttarakhand has two major divisions when it comes to climate, the Hilly region and the Tarai region.   Both of which experiences almost every grade of climate that varies from place to place. It might be as hot as in Tarai region or to below freezing temperature point high in the Himalayas.


Summer climate of UttarakhandThe Summer season generally starts around “13th February and ends around 12th June”. The Month and April are the main months for summer season and the atmosphere is generally dry. There is a stormy weather high in the Himalayas and a little rain between “15 May to 15 June”.


Monsoon, Climate of Uttarakhand

The MONSOON season is also known as “CHAUMAAS” in the local dialect. The monsoon starts around “15 june and ends around 12 October”. In the main rainy season between “17 July to 18 August”, the rain fall is the rain fall may be continuous for 4 to 5 and this continuous rainfall is known as “JHAD” in the local Kumauni dilect.


Winter, Climate in Uttarakhand

The climate of Uttarakhand during Winter season is also known as “HYUN” in local Dialects. The season starts around 13th of October and and remains till “12th of the month February. During January and February” snow fall takes place in high altitude area.



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