Capitol Movie Theatre Nainital Cinema Places to Visit

Nainital has attracted big Bollywood movie makers from the beginning. One such movie of my childhood days was “Koi Mill Gaya”, a large part of which was short, in and around Nainital. Various schools were given special discounts in the Capitol Cinema, Nainital.

I have faded memories of a line of school kids walking in line towards the theater. With its wooden floors and cathedral architecture, it gave much more feel of an opera than of a cinema hall.

Capitol Cinema Hall Nainital
Capitol Cinema Hall Nainital

Once upon a time when Bollywood romanticism was on the high. There were three Cinema Halls in the town, Vishal Cinema hall which caught fire in a tragic incident. While the Capitol Cinema Hall and  Ashok Cinema Hall were not making money for their private owners, so they decided to shut them down.

It has been eight years since, and Finally The High Court, Nainital had to intervene, asking authorities to reopen these cinema halls. They were also given a deadline given to them. The reconstruction work was going on for the last few months. Now Capitol Cinema Hall, much to the delight of locals and tourists alike, has re-opened.

Capitol Cinema Hall Interiors Movie Theatre Nainital Places To Visit

After a wait of eight long years, Nainital would have its own movie theater. Capitol cinema was established in 1941 by the Britishers which use to showcase English movies and old Bollywood films. The cinema hall has an occupancy of 280 seats.

Capitol Cinema Hall Nainital Movies Places To Visit

We are happy to announce that the capital cinema is not only running bollywood movies like ‘Gangajal 2’, ‘Rocky’ and ‘Ki and Ka’ but also Hollywood movies in English, which include the lights of ‘London Has Fallen’ , ‘Fast And Furious 8’, ‘Jungle Book’, ‘Conjuring 2’.

The Ticket Prices For Capitol Cinema Hall-

For Morning (10 A.M)/ Night Shows(10 P.M) is-

The price of cinema hall ticket is Rs 100

For Rest of the Shows-

  • The price of cinema hall ticket is Rs 150

For small budget films the price of movie ticket might be Rs 100(Thursdays)

Now Playing (30 Dec 2016 – 5 Jan 2017)

  • Asassins Creed (In Hindi) – 7:30 PM
  • Dangal – 9:00 AM, 11: AM and rest

The authorities are also working on a website through which one can get online tickets. You can always go to to book your seats online.



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