camels back road moussoorie

About 300 meters from the Mall Road, you can cover Camels Back Road Rickshaw, but one will be advised to cover this distance on foot or on a bicycle which is available for rent. The fruitful hike promises mesmerizing views of the valley. Lush green trees and Ashram along the way makes excellent for a leisure walk. The camel back rock is another tourist attraction on the way.

Camels back Road contrary to its extroverted cousin Mall road is very quite which is a respite for nature lovers. Camels back road was built as a promenade and passes a rock formation that looks like camel hence the name. It’s the favorite walk in Mussoorie.

It is a well level road round Camel’s Back which is the name given to the hill on the Mussoorie is built. Early morning people can be seen taking morning walks along with their pets on the road. The rickshaw charges Rs 100 to go to and fro from Library to Camels point.

Camel’s back road offers some of the most fascinating and memorable views of the Himalayas. The place offers the best sunsets. The road stretches from Kulri Bazar to Gandhi Road. There are a couple of good mountain viewpoints along the way, and you can ride a horse along the trail that starts from Gandhi Chowk End.

Finally there are a lot of food stalls on the way that will take care of your hunger issues. You can have yummy Maggie, Dumplings, Chowmein and other fast food items. The season is high during May and July.

The road can be full other times only few tourist is enjoying the climate. It will be advisable to take a note of the weather when taking a walk. In the morning it’s quite windy and chilly.The road becomes exponentially more romantic during the rainy season for couples.

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