Boat House Club Nainital Places to Visit
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Thankfully, this small town of ours has remained untouched by the cliches of flaunting wealth, Boat House Club Nainital remains the favorite among the clubbers. The whole concept of the status symbol has been an alien one. As the sun goes down the mall road is closed for everybody (6-8 PM).

You can see all kinds of people just strolling along the Mall Road . You can see a  High Court Judge, a daily wage earner and a Kirana Shop owner walking alongside enjoying a zephyr. Frankly, you can hardly tell one from another.

Boat House Club stands adjacent to the lake; it is as posh as, it gets in Nainital. I remember peeping curiously into Boat House while the people were playing cards with a glass of whisky in their hand.

Much of my childhood was spent wondering what exactly happens inside there. I later made a friend whose father was a manager there and since then entry wasn’t an issue. Still I feel sometimes alien in these places where everyone talks in English.

Boat House Club Nainital

A part of British legacy still continues to linger in this small club where entry is restricted to members only. Don’t get too disheartened, though tourist can also get a temporary day pass which costs Rs 300 per couple though it might be steeper in the season time.

Before the landslide of 1880, there has been a temple and a Dharamshala in the same place where  Boat House Club stands today. The club was established in 1890 and is the second oldest club in India.

In 1948; the club was handed over to Indian Management from the hands of Vice Commodore, Sir Francs Verner Wyle. Unlike other clubs, The British were very supportive and all for growing the atmosphere for Yachting and tourism in Nainital. At present, the yacht club has got ten yachts. Till 1970 yachting was an exclusive privilege of the club members after which, it has open its gates for the non-members and tourist as well.

Yacht Nainital Lake

This mellow wood beamed Boat House Club Nainital from which bursts of merriment bounce over the waters at night to mingle with the myriad reflection lights.  The gay socialite finds in a well-equipped club and a never ending round of parties, dance, and entertainment in Boat House Club.

The food is available at a subsidized rate at the club, under the stars, overlooking the lake or at a fine Dinning Hall. The service is exceptional, the ingredients used are fresh, and a variety of cuisine is available. It takes care of the entry fee one has paid.

Food in Nainital

Boat House Club Nainital provides also has a billiard table, a bar, a tennis court, cards game and other activities. This idyllic place is one of the few places in Nainital where you can spend some unforgettable time with friends and family. You can find here people who have seen it all, sitting in the same club, they reminiscence of the days gone by and you wonder how quickly this small hill station is changing?



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