Uttarakhand offers some of the best birding in India. With over 600 birds recorded in the combined area of Kumaun and Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, has attractive experiences to offer. Some of the popular birding places in Uttarakhand offer fairly a rich avian diversity.

Selecting the best birding destinations in the state on the basis of birding experiences is curated in this list. We have selected these destinations to raise awareness and promote birding in the country, especially in Uttarakhand. When it comes to birding, Uttarakhand has approximately 50 percent of birds recorded in the country. So, with species richness and diversity, bird watchers need not to travel to different parts of the country. They can easily see how some of the special birds have adapted to a life in this area.

birding destinations in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a key must in any birder’s checklist who comes to India.  According to the Hindu  Checklist prepared by naturalists Dhananjay Mohan and Sanjay Sondhi contains 686 species, out of a total of 1,303 recorded for India”. Uttarakhand  is ideal for any number of birds apart from those who are found specifically in desert or marine areas. The list includes all 18 types of woodpeckers, Indian peafowl, and the state bird Himalyan Monal .

There are innumerable spots where birds will find you in Uttarakhand. Some places are surely more renowned than others. It is only because the mushrooming of local birding guides are more in certain areas.

In this article we take a closer look at bird watching places in Uttarakhand. So that you know exactly where to plan your next bird watching tour. There are various bird watching festival that are conducted across Uttarakhand.

As a mark of popularity the third spring bird watching festival saw more than 2000 participant from across the country.

Here is the comprehensive list of most popular birding destinations in Uttarakhand –


Credits: Saiprasad Patil

Pangot is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Birdwatchers from across the Globe have been flooding into Uttarakhand’s Pangot Bird Sanctuary to get a shot of the rare Himalayan Fauna. Pangot Bird Sanctuary, has an ideal ecosystem, at just the perfect altitude, is home to many birds.

Pangot Birding will give you everlasting photography experience to take perfect photoshoots of birds like the red-headed vulture, Grey-crowned Prinia, black-chested tilt, blue-winged minla, slanty blackfolk tail, lammergeyer, Rufous-bellied Niltava and the list goes on.

Nearest Railway Head: Kathgodam at a distance of (43 kms)
Nearest Bus Station: Nainital at a distance (11 kms)


Sattal, at an altitude of 1370 metres, is a hotpot for various migratory birds who visit here from across the world. The place has rich flora and fauna. Depending on the season birds like the blue-throated barbet and brown-headed barbets, lineated barbet, Himalayan Bulbul, Jungle Mynah, Long Tail Minivet, Kingfisher and many more. Other than that 20 species of mammals, over 525 species of butterflies.

Nearest Railway Head: Kathgodam at a distance (20kms)
Nearest Bus Station: Haldwani at a distance (24 kms)

Chopta :

Chopta Tungnath tungnath trek tungnath hotels tungnath chandrashila trek

Chopta is a small hamlet of en-route to Kedarnarth. It is well known for the highest altitude Shiva Temple of the world, Tungnath. The vistas of the  Pine, Deodar & Rhododendron forest coupled with serenic beauty of  grassland and the view of the majestic Himalyas.

Chopta has all the boxes ticked for being a nature lovers delight. Since Chopta is a part of Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary, the birds of the birds do not refrain to showcase themselves. There are more than 226 species that can be found here. Monal is one of the centre attractions for birders.

Nearest Railway Head: Rishikesh at a distance (200 kms)
Nearest Bus Station: Gopeshwar at a distance (100 kms)


It attracts a number of birds mainly the Grey Treepie with as many and 15 to 20, then we the house sparrow, Great Barbet, Yellow crowned woodpecker, Mistle Thrush, Black Throated Tit, Rufous Sibia, Laughingthush white Throated grey headed woodpecker, Treecreeper Bar TailedRed billed Blue Magpie, Redstart Blue Capped,  Kestrel Common, Himalaya Bulbul, LaughingThrush Streaked, Brown Fronted woodpecker, Thrush Blue Whistling, Russets Sparrow and many more warblers.

Nearest Railway Head: Kathgodam at a distance of (20kms)
Nearest Bus Station: Haldwani at a distance (24 kms)

Munsyari Phitoragarh Uttarakhand

Munsiyari  is perched on the mountainside surrounded by plugins and terraced fields. It offers some of the best birding in India. What makes remarkable is the view of the Panchachuli Peaks(6000m) scrape the hills across the Johar Valley. Munsiyari is also a favorite for bird watchers, given the huge variety of species that can be spotted here.

Little pied flycatcher, Black Redstart, Streaked Laughing Thrush, Himalayan Woodpecker, Verditer flycatcher, Grey winged black bird, Scaley Billed Woodpecker, Black-lored Titare are some of the countless birds that can be seen in and around this area.



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