Binsar Himalayas
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The sensual nature of the snow cladded Himalayas as seen from Binsar could raise passions. These are often too powerful for the spiritual parts for humans to cope. The picturesque location provides an astounding view of the famous peaks such as Kedarnath, Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, Trishul and Nanda Kot.

It truly is an idyllic mountain paradise. Binsar is surrounded by dense oak, moist coniferous forest including Deodar and blue pine which seems to speak the language of transcendence. The patches of snow on the sunless side of hills, in April, appears to demonstrate of heavy snowfall.Binsar is a hill station famous for Wildlife Bird Sanctuary, perfect travel destination for writers, nature lovers and adventure lovers as weekend getaway destination.

Binsar Wildlife Sanctury
Credits:Madcap Mario’s Musings

At an altitude of 2,441 metres above the sea level, you will notice the nip in the air. Binsar seems to have come into being as Sanitorium in 1852 when Major Evans was granted seven acres of land there. After this, some residences of Europeans were also built.

Though the History of Binsar goes long before the British, it was the summer capital of the Chand Dynasty. At Pithoni near Binsar, there are inscriptions in Kutila Bhrahmi dating back to 650 A.D.

Binsar Valley Photo

Binsar is getting popular in among the hideaways. If the trends continue, it will stop being a hideaway. At the present much of the land is under the forest department. Because of which the whole Binsar Hill is clothed with thick forest. It is perfect for those who crave for uninterrupted solitude. Amidst the scintillating beauty of the Kumaon hills, the ideal spot offers charming cottages.

Binsar Mythology

Shiva is also called Binsar. The area is named after the famous shrines of  Bhimeshwar Mahadev. Shiva being the favorite deity of the hill folks. The temple was built by Raja Kalayan in the 16th Century. The historical local epic romance Malu-Shahi mentions this place.

Things to do in Binsar

Never-Miss-Sunrise – The mornings in Binsar are sheer ecstasy. You wake up to the extraordinary spectacle of the peaks rising out of the ocean of low layered clouds. All the bottled up ranges had been blotted out this carpet and one gasped at the dramatic potential of interplay.

Binsar Sunrise
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As the sunrise, the mist begins to loosen up; it is a scene beyond words. This uncanny beauty of the sunrise gives you that tremendous feeling of being one with the universe.

Get lost in the Wild – One can always wander off to an unknown trail which often leads to nowhere. In case one is finding difficult to locate the way back home, it would be well advised to take the bridle paths, they are designed to follow such a path you will eventually end up at some human habitation.

Walk-Into-A-Village – There are many good options including Stari, Damra, Kathdara, Ronap village and many other remote villages. The pine forests are dark and deep, amid the evergreen rhododendron blooms in blood red. These villages are exotic in their rights. A rule a thumb in Hills if you can drive to it, it’s probably been ruined.

Binsar Homestay

Here lives only old men and women and children. Young population has migrated from here in search of employment. The women are the best, all of whom are constantly smiling and laughing. Due to the recent initiative by the locals,  homestays are cropping up in the area, which hopefully will put an end to migration.

Places to go to Binsar

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary – Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is the heart and soul of Binsar Valley. This wildlife sanctuary covers the area of 50 sq kilometres.

Binsar Wildlife Sanctury
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This area is one of the most Beautiful in Uttarakhand. We have an entirely different article to contains it magnanimity.

Khali Estate – It was the summer residence of  Sir Philip Ramsay. He is also referred as King of Kumaun. Sir Philip Ramsay took a keen interest in Kumauni culture and tradition. It is also said that he even speak Kumauni language. He genuinely did a lot for the welfare of the region. When he inquisitively asked about the spot he liked to build his residence. He was told, “It was Khali (Vacant)”. Thinking that “Khali” was the name of the place, the building at the spot acquired the name  “Khali Estate”.

Binsar Khalli Estate

Many other Europeans soon made their apartments which continue to exist today some in good shape others not so much. All though today Kalli state is not in its prime form, it continues to be a tunnel into the past.

Zero Point – Zero Point is the highest point of Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary where you can savour the 360-degree views of the Himalayan Range. On your way, you can enjoy viewing Himalayas on your way. But the Zero Point in Binsar stands out from the rest.

Binsar Zero Point

The magnanimity of the Himalayas would sweep your feet off. Mountain peaks visible from here are Kedarnath, Shivling, Trisul, Nada Devi, Nadndkot, Panchachuli and much more. It is a short trek of 2-3kms depending on your stay. If you want to double the pleasure, try and reach there before sunrise.

Places nearby Binsar

Binsar Mahadev Temple – 6 km from the Binsar Sanctuary is Binsar Mahadev. A temple full of tranquillity amidst the dense Deodar forest.  According to mythology, this temple was built in a single day. This temple is also known as Swargashram. Surrounding area and natural beauty around is also fantastic.

Shitlakhet – Shitlakhet is a small hamlet that falls between Almora and Ranikhet. It is one of those places that give equal preference to nature as well as to man. It is a place away from the maddening crowd’ would be an understatement.  To its visitors, it also offers a two hundred degrees view of the Himalayan range which includes the likes of Trisul, Panchachuli, Nanda Devi East, Nanda Devi and many others.

Katarmal Sun Temple – Katarmal is the only Sun Temple of North India. From place known as Kosi, it is 23 km far away. Then you have to go on 3 km trek to reach Katarmal Sun Temple.  According to Historians, king of Katyuri Dynasty built this temple. The temple dates back to 7th Century. It is one of the most famous sun temples of ancient India. This place is famous for its architecture, stone and metallic sculptures. Here you will see the carved images of Sun God.

Kasar Devi – If you are in search of Nothingness (Shunyata in Hindi) there is a small peaceful village six km to the west of Almora. From the best burger in the state, high-speed Wi-Fi to untrodden trails which lead you to beautiful sunsets. Kasar Devi has been on the famous Hippie Trail through which many famous westerners came to East in search of self-discovery.

Nainital –  96 km from, Nainital is one of the most alluring destinations in the state. The city has evolved around the Naini Lake. Lake district of India remains the capital of United Province. The buzz and noise, the tranquility of nature, the growing needs of modern traveler, Nainital has it all packed in one small hill station.

Weather in Binsar

The temperature fluctuates in summer fluctuates between around twenty-five degrees (25°C) and seventeen degrees (17°C)

In winters the temperature between maximum  temperature of around ten degrees (10°C) and a min temperature of around two degrees (2°C)

Best time to visit Binsar

The months of April, May and June  is an excellent opportunity to visit the Binsar, the pleasant weather that will be ideal for sightseeing purposes.

Looking for snowfall? The winter season is best for enjoying the snowfall. You should carry heavy winter clothing during this time due to the reduced temperatures.

The months of July, August and September are in Rainy Season. This is not an ideal time to visit the place.

How to Reach Binsar

Rail:The nearest Rail head is at Kathgodam, about 210 kilometers away.

Air:  Pantnagar is the nearest airport, about 143 km away.

Road: Roads are well connected with Binsar.

Map How to reach Binsar

Delhi and Binsar has a distance of 385 kilometeres.

Distance Between Nainital and Binsar via Almora is 90kms.

Distance Between Almora and Binsar is 30 km.

The route, Kathgodam- Almora-Binsar-Ranikhet-Bhowali makes a complete 
circuit for the tourists.




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