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The trend of Bike Rent in Nainital is on a high. It is a perfect base to explore the area’s breathtaking scenery and still experience the homegrown hospitality of the Kumaun, you’re on two wheels add to the thrill of the hills. Come and enjoy thrilling motorcycle rides in the Kumaun Region of Uttarakhand. There are many players which have emerged in the industry. Nainital Bike Rent may vary according to season.

Nainital over time has become synonymous with lights and noise. A crowded place, the cheers, the dances, the selfie sticks, photo sessions, the ever increasing food stalls. Even branded showrooms have cropped up. Its proximity to Delhi has made it a celebrated weekend getaway.

There are places in Nainital where you can still witness the wilderness, and then there are places where you can see much of the crowd chilling out. It’s this mixture of calm and excitement, that adds a unique blend to the station. For many the call from the mountains is irresistible. There are a few hill stations which cater to the need of such wide variety of taste.

Some of tips for smooth riding in Kumaun Hills-

  • Start in the Corner

Very important in the mountains is the line you ride through outside. Always start at the outside: in a corner to the left you start at the right side, and in a corner to the right you by starting left. If the road is narrow, you can even use the part of the road for oncoming traffic. The advantage is that you will see oncoming traffic earlier than when you stay inside the corner.

  • Taking Care

On really narrow roads with hairpins, don’t begin on the lane for oncoming traffic: in that case, there might be not enough time to get back to the right side of the road when a local arrives from the other side.Try to keep your head inside your own lane as well, in corners to the left (or to the right in countries where you ride at the left side, of course).


  • Mind the other traffic

Remember, when you park to enjoy the views, or to take a picture, that you park your motorcycle in a spot where it can be easily seen from both sides.Sometimes you think to see a spot that is perfectly fit to park, and it happens to be a spot to let cars pass each other on narrow roads. Those spots are there for passing, so don’t use them!


  • The side stand

If you have to park with the front of the bike pointing downwards, the bike could fall, even when parked in gear, because sometimes gravity pulls harder.And always try to check the situation with respect to riding away again. In principle, it is no big deal when you first have to let the bike go a bit downward, but if you would have to turn it at the same time, getting away could become a bit of a problem.


  • Change of weather

You may experience huge changes of temperature when riding upwards or downwards in the mountains. So always carry something warm, and especially something which keeps out the road.

What is also likely to happen, is that you ride in right weather in the sun, and suddenly, after a corner, you enter a thick fog.

The weather high in the mountains can change very suddenly, from summer to winter, from thunderstorm to clear skies, from snow to fog.

So carry warm cloths, a jacket to keep the rain outside, and sunglasses.

  • Slippery

 The road in a tunnel is often wet. So really watch out when it’s freezing!

Only use your horne when it’s absolutely necessary (most of the time there will be a sign asking you to use your horne in such a case).


  • Allowing people to pass

When you are experiencing your first mountain kilometers, your speed will probably be much lower than the speed of people who are used to ride or drive in the mountains. Especially people living there will know each corner, and are able to ride certain passes blindfolded.

Don’t be tempted to try to keep in front of them. Try to maintain your own confort speed, and let people who are faster than you in corners, pass.


  • Oncoming traffic

The same politeness also applies to oncoming traffic. There is no rule (anymore) that says that ascending traffic has the right of way. So just try to determine for whom it is most easy to stop (which will often be you, the motorcycle rider).


  • Fear of Heights

Do you have fear of heights, and do you get dizzy when looking down? Then don’t! Concentrate on the road ahead, and look forward: far, far forward.

  • Less kilometers in a day

When planning your trip, keep in mind that you will cover much smaller distances in the mountains, especially when you go up and down through hairpins. A distance of 50 kilometers doesn’t mean that you will be there in half an hour!

It applies even more for the distance on the map: on the road, you will cover vertical kilometers as well.

Bike Renting Rates in Nainital

For Mountain Bike(Cycle) – Rs 750

For Scooty – Rs 900

For Light Weight Bike- Rs 1000

For Avanger (Heavy bike) – Rs 1200

So bring the family, stay here, ride, relax, and enjoy the show! Rock n’ Ride over Mountain Bikes, the riders destination because if there is one thing you can count on it’s that there is always something going on here so stop by and stay a while!  Plan on visiting the area but won’t have your motorcycle with you? Check out our great motorcycle Rentals program to get you out on the open road.


  1. What are the documents required?
  • Voter Id card/ Pan Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Adhar Card Id No. for online checking
  • Residence hotel  Nainital

Why should I book my Bike in advance?

There might be various reasons for that. In season time there is a long que of customers. One can save time by booking their slot in advance. In paragliding such as in other tourism business there are many middle man evolved. You can significantly cut your cost by coming to as. The larger the group improves you bargaining strength. Our vehicle  can pick you up from anywhere from Nainital. We have been the pioneers of adventure tourism in this region and have best, maintained, variety of bikes in the entire area. We believing in delighting our consumer.
How much in advance can I book my Bike?
You can call us a day before or in the morning  for a group less that twenty people. For more than twenty people we need to be informed two days before the bike trip.
 How far am I allowed to ride?
The bike will be handed to you in the morning and you will have to return by evening 6 P.M. You can take the lake tour by yourself or stroll around the town. The average that most bikers are able to cover at a pleasurable pace  is 100kms.
How to contact us?
You can drop us a mail on You can also whatsapp/call our moderator in Nainital Mr. Mayank (+91-9719969919).



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